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Will Galaxy X be Released in 2017?


Will Galaxy X be released in 2017? Here’s what we know…

At the moment, everything related to Samsung is rather up in the air. Following the fiasco that was the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung suffered massive blows to their profits and customer loyalty.

Having fought a good fight over the mobile phone market against Apple, it is now feared that a significant number of Samsung’s former devotees will have lost faith, and run into the arms of a competitor.

There were several new mobile phone products scheduled for release in 2017, among them the Galaxy X, but according to rumour, the Note 7 situation has thrown a spanner in the works, and Samsung’s foreseeable future is not so foreseeable.

Will Galaxy X be Released in 2017?

The Galaxy X has been enshrined in rumour for some time, with some weird and wonderful ideas circulating about what new features the phone might include.

To date, these include iris-scanning security, and a super AMOLED touchscreen display… that folds! Yes, heading back to the early 2000s when flip phones were the big thing, the Galaxy X is apparently going to take on a ‘clam shell’ sort of shape, with an 8” screen that can bend, crease and fold without any damage or compromise to picture quality.

In 2014, Samsung released a concept video showcasing the potential folding display:


As amazing as it sounds, whisperings from Korean publications suggest that Samsung have in fact decided to scrap most of their 2017 launch plans, presumably to buy themselves some recovery time for the whole Note 7 situation. However, is time away really the best thing for them right now?

Why Samsung Needs Another Hit

Throughout September as the Note 7 recall played out, media outlets were riddled with numbers, surveys and polls to give a clue as to the gravity of Samsung’s situation. One such poll, conducted by Branding Brand, revealed that 34% of formerly loyal Samsung customers would be finding a new company to put their trust in.

It is a terribly fickle market, and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem likely that people will simply wait and twiddle their thumbs until Samsung decides to take a chance at releasing another new phone. It’s far more likely that customers will simply go with a competitor product, if Samsung do not release the Galaxy X in 2017.

Where to From Here?

If you have the good fortune of enjoying a pre-Note 7 Samsung device that is serving you well, then savour that feeling, because we could well be in for a very Samsung-less year ahead. We will have to stay tuned to see how the Note 7 incident affects Samsung in the long run, and if it has affected the Galaxy X release in 2017.

We’re always up to date with the industry’s latest, so get comfortable here at Samsung Geeks – 2017 could be a long ride.

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