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Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date and Rumours

Get the low down on the Samsung Galaxy S8 release date and rumours…

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date and Rumours

Ready to put the whole Note 7 fiasco behind them, Samsung Mobile are ploughing all of their effort into their new phone model, the Galaxy S8, which will be the next member of the S family. Although a great deal of attention has been given to the exploding Notes and the subsequent trouble they have caused for their creator, people are already getting busy gossiping about the possibilities of the S8.

Its predecessor, the S7, was hailed as being about the best a mobile phone could get. It was slick, beautiful, felt good in your hand, and had refined all the best bits from the S6. So innovation, and a few entirely new tricks, should probably be expected this time round, as perfection has pretty much been achieved already. So what rumours are we hearing, and how much do we actually know about the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8?

When is the Galaxy S8 Release Date?

Earlier in the year than is usual, the release date announcement is expected to take place on or around February 26th, with actual release projected for March or April. However, some sources have suggested that the S8 release date will be delayed in light of the whole Note 7 fire fiasco.

It has been reported that Samsung engineers have not yet figured out the cause of the Note 7 fires, which is likely to delay the release date announcement until April. This could be a blow to Samsung who are racing to get a sellable product out onto the market, lest they be forgotten and overtaken by a rival in the vital phone race.

Until Note 7s started exploding, Samsung was a strong contender, and even outselling Apple. With this in mind, we can probably expect Samsung to grovel to its customers and offer a whole bunch of cool gadgets and perhaps even buyer offers.

Galaxy S8 Features – what can we expect?

Well, in keeping with the direction of Samsung’s Galaxy S series, the S8 is expected to be heavy on the gadgets and features. A 4K display and 6GB of RAM are expected to support its various gaming, viewing and general entertainment functions. The ever-increasing display size is carrying on; the phone is projected to be 90% screen and only 10% body, and potentially bezel-less, making for the most immersive viewing experience yet from a Samsung phone.

The Note 7’s big feature, the iris scanning security technology, was a headline act of the ill-fated phablet, and so is being carried over to the S8, where it will receive the debut it deserves. One of the most highly-anticipated phone features in recent memory, the iris scanner provides a highly secure and very novel form of protection for your phone and all its sensitive data. Another potential feature is the rumoured foldable screen, which isn’t looking terribly likely this time around, but is most definitely in development, and is thought to be a likely feature of a Samsung phone in the next couple of years. To finish it all off, the S8 is expected to have a dual-lens camera, which will boast several high-tech photographic functions, potentially including 3D.

We’ve got a little while yet for more rumours (and perhaps even some truths) to come to light before any official announcements are made, so in the meantime, stick around here at Samsung Geeks for all the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours.





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