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Why Quantum Dots are the Future of Display


A few months back, we wrote an article introducing Quantum Dots and explaining their strengths and uses. Since then, the Quantum Dot momentum has continued to gather, with big manufacturers incorporating them into their latest screen designs. Not long ago, Samsung chose to drop their OLED designs and work entirely on the new standard, QD, recognising its potential and how close it was to revolutionising home displays.

In the Old Days…

Before OLED came along, colour television displays had been working in similar ways for a long time. In fact, the very first colour television in 1928 used the same premise as modern display technology: the coloured filtering of white light. It worked in the ‘20s, and it still works. However, it did present some issues that 21st century folks aren’t so likely to put up with, such as dulled brightness, inaccurate contrast, and difficulty navigating particularly light or dark images, but it was the best we had, so we made do.

What do Quantum Dots Have to Offer?

Samsung have never been ones to play an under-ambitious game, and so it was only natural for them to want to further revolutionise the televisions they had made quite a name for themselves producing. So they turned to the latest and greatest workings of science, and decided to play with the massive potential of quantum dots. Quantum dots are nanocrystals which emit light of different colours depending on their size, with a different sized dot for each colour, which vastly improve efficiency and colour gamut. They do the entire job themselves, and a much better job too. Without the need to filter the light, it shows up very concentrated, and far crisper and more ‘lifelike’.

The science behind quantum dot technology is projected to have a lot of potential, and the possibilities of what Quantum Dots can achieve are just getting started. This is why it is very likely that they will be a main feature of the best televisions and displays for a long time coming. For every new design that manufacturers turn out, research will discover another way to tweak or refine its performance, ready for the next generation of designs to take advantage of.

Quantum Dots are the Future of Display

Samsung’s latest products to use QD technology are the CF curved gaming monitor series. Combining panoramic cinematic shape and the inimitable colour of quantum dots, they are being hailed as the future of gaming monitors as well as televisions. The enhanced colour gamut and contrast even reveals formerly-hidden game features in particularly light and dark environments. The vastly improved viewing experience that quantum dots have to offer has positioned them centrally in the future plans of gaming monitors and televisions. For all the latest on quantum dot products and developments, stick around here at Samsung Geeks.

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