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Gartner reports that smartwatches are projected to become a market worth tens of billions of dollars by next year, and are hiking their way up to technology sector prominence. Originally aiming at the athletic market, the concept and scope of the smartwatch has broadened considerably in the past few years, and now can function as a sort of phone away-from-phone. In an effort to find the perfect headphone solution for sporty folks, several big names have been hacking away at the perfect wireless earbud design to complement smartwatches. Samsung’s Gear IconX with fitness tracking is potentially the strongest candidate.

Samsung have been sweeping the board yet again with their wireless earbud design, and many reviewers are hailing it the best on the market. The Gear IconX earbuds are swanky-looking, ergonomically designed and absolute top performers, and to top it all off, they do more than just pump music into your ears. As a fully-functioning partner in Samsung’s Gear accessory web, the IconX earbuds connect wirelessly to your Android phone or smartwatch, and feature a nifty sensor that tracks your physical activity.

Gear IconX Fitness Tracking

In a freshly improved app, the IconX connects seamlessly to your phone or watch and can switch between devices quickly, but can only operate via one at a time. The app forms the Hub from which you have complete control over the individual earbuds, and can hook up to the S Health app, through which all of your activity stats can be tracked and recorded.

The inbuilt tracker is a clever bit of kit, and measures several different levels, including heart rate, calories burnt, as well as standard details like speed, distance and duration of workout. All of these measurements are stored and can be compiled and monitored on the S Health app, giving you a comprehensive file of your personal fitness.


Is Gear IconX Worth Having?

The Gear IconX has been winning praise for its functionality and efficiency. The ease with which it connects to apps and devices, and its usability are being raved about, as is its overall performance as a headphone. With individual batteries and volume control, each earbud is completely wireless and, using one of three supplied earpiece sizes, sits comfortably and securely in the ear. Best thing is, they do not fall out or wiggle, even if you try. Reviewers have been having fun testing their stability against sports of all sorts – including swimming – and have been bowled over. The buds have 4GB internal memory for the storage of up to 1000 songs, and offers about 3 and a half hours of battery life. Alternatively, they can wirelessly connect to your phone or other device and stream music for a good hour and a half before the battery runs flat.

Durable, waterproof, easy to use and good at everything it claims to be, the Gear IconX is a phenomenal bit of kit, and is easily dominating the wireless earbud market. Moreover, Gear IconX fitness tracking is the ideal combination of the perfectly-designed earbud and smartwatch. If you’re not sure if the Gear IconX and its accessories are for you, check out our article on Smartwatches. Explore Samsung Geeks for more on the quest for the truly wireless earbud, and future developments.

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