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Samsung and T-Mobile 5G Collaboration

The evolution of mobile technology has been a gradual one, though that’s not stopped people from constantly expecting more from it. We are currently slap-bang in the middle of the 4G era, in which we can access internet from our phones, upload and download large files, and on top of all that… make phone calls and send texts. Prior to this, 3G was the beginning of mobile internet, but was limited, and had some way to go. Looking forward to the fifth generation of mobile technology, and pretty much every big industry name is working like fury to reach it first. This has brought about news of various collaborations and rivalries – among them, the Samsung and T-Mobile 5G collaboration.

What Can We Expect from 5G?

It seems that the market has reached capacity with the functions a phone should perform, so the fifth generation is more focused on making its mark on a pre-existing function. With sights set on vastly improved speed, 5G is projected to be the internet of the future.

Current mobile internet (4G) has seen considerable improvement from the incorporation of LTE (long term evaluation), which earned it a reputation of speed, ease, and reliability. As of now, optimal internet speeds on 4G peak at about one gigabit per second. 5G models are being extended from this original LTE framework, and built upon in pursuit of internet about ten times quicker. In addition to this, 5G is expected to reduce latency, therefore cutting loading and buffering times. In short, Samsung and T-Mobile’s 5G will be the perfected final draft of the Internet we have all come to know and rely on.

Why Are Samsung and T-Mobile 5G Partners?

While T-Mobile are something of a name from the past in the UK, they have found a very attentive customer base in the US, and so their stateside department has teamed up with the US Samsung representatives to work on the 5G project. There are plenty of reports flying around suggesting alternative pairings, such as T-Mobile going in with Nokia, but Samsung’s partnership with T-Mobile is a big deal for them, and has come about as the ideal combination of skill sets. Samsung’s long-term expertise in semiconductor, device and network divisions have put them in a great position to develop 5G, and they will be managing and overseeing T-Mobile’s evolution of the existing generation.

Where to from Here?

Although 5G is a hot topic right now, the technology is still progressing, and as yet, is not advanced enough to make these plans happen. But experts have projected it in the long term, and are expecting for 5G to make its real debut by 2020. In spite of some boastful claims by Verizon to have it delivered by 2017 (claims T-Mobile bosses have dubbed “BS”), there is still some way to go. But that does mean that there will be plenty of exciting new milestones will pop up in the meantime, while Samsung and T-Mobile’s 5G collaboration is in progress. For all the latest on 5G developments, stay tuned with Samsung Geeks.









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