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What Are SSDs and Do I Need One?

SSDs are the memory of the future, and the key to enabling us to go crazy with devices, data and streaming. Reaching new highs as ever, Samsung have recently revealed their next contribution to the consumer memory market – the Samsung SSD 960 series are super-fast and really reliable storage devices, with capacities never before seen in domestic settings. They are all the rage, and central to modern memory, so get to know the SSD and the functions it could perform for you.

What are SSDs?

SSDs (solid state drives) are a surprisingly simple concept to get your head around. They are basically memory drives that work on flash memory, and exist in a solid state, i.e. no moving parts. Now cast your mind back fifteen or twenty years, to when 3 ½” floppy disks were the standard memory. We all knew never to pull back the metallic window, or mess around with the wheel in the middle, lest we risk losing all our work. Memory drives such as floppies were HDDs (hard disk drives) consisted of moving parts and spinning platters, and SSDs are the modern, efficient version. Non-volatile memory express (NMVe) is the collective term generally given to such storage devices.

Do I Need an SSD?

Chances are you’ve already had a good deal of experience with some form of SSD, as they are a pretty inescapable staple of memory nowadays. Whether on your digital camera, phone or memory stick, you’ll have been using solid flash memory technology. Check out how Samsung SSDs contribute to the Galaxy S7’s phenomenal storage capacity Very few modern technologies are compatible with HDDs, and so if you’re hoping to save and store anything, be it a photo, word document or movie, you’re going to need SSDs on your side.

What Do I Get with Samsung SSDs?

Last year, Samsung raised the memory bar with their 950 PRO SSD, which established a standard for multi-terabyte storage. This year they have introduced the 960 PRO and 960 EVO, the latest developments in powerful NVMe. Boasting such tip-top Samsung features as ground-breaking V-NAND technology, high-speed Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe), Intelligent TurboWrite technology and Dynamic Thermal Guard technology to prevent overheating and enable heavy workloads.

The 960 PRO offers the largest memory capacity available to the domestic market at 2 terabytes and delivers peak sequential read and write transfer speed of 3500 MB/s and random read and write IOPS up to 440,000, making it the perfect choice for serious storage users. The 960 EVO is available in 250GB, 500GB and 1TB capacities, with peak sequential read and write speeds of up to 3200 MB/s and 1900 MB/s, and random read and write speeds peaking at 380,000 IOPS and 360,000 IOPS respectively.

Boasting the highest speeds and capacities on the market, the Samsung SSD 960 series is the ideal solution for anybody in need of a memory boost. Stay up to date on the best SSD technologies on the market here at Samsung Geeks.






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