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Note 7 Recall: Is My Note Going to Explode?

UPDATE: Samsung have now halted production of the Note 7 and urge Note 7 owners to turn-off and stop using their devices.

After such a monumental build-up, Samsung’s latest phablet, the Note 7, has suffered a considerable blow to its big release. Just days after the public release of the Note 7 on Samsung’s home turf of South Korea, reports were coming in about handsets exploding and catching fire. It may be the stuff that internet urban legend is made of, but it’s really happening, and within days, Samsung had publicly announced a Note 7 recall, and suspended sales until further notice. This very dramatic turn of events is a nightmare for Samsung, who spent much time and effort getting the customer base good and ready to buy. But how big is the risk exploding phones?

Why has Samsung Issued a Note 7 Recall?

By the time reports of phone fires started breaking, Samsung had already shifted several million of their new models. South Korea and the U.S. were enjoying the new release, and a few lucky pre-orderers in the UK had received their Note 7s ahead of the general release date. Reports differ, but among those several million, it seems there haven’t been more than a hundred cases of fire-related incidents globally.

However, this doesn’t mean that Samsung have taken this situation lightly. As is standard for them, they wasted no time in rolling out a solution with customer interests at heart. Among the options being offered to Note 7 recall customers is a database on which to check phone serial numbers for affected handsets. It seems the problem is down to a particular faulty batch of batteries, meaning that the risk only applies to a certain number of users. To find out whether your new Note 7 could do with replacing, head to Samsung’s website, where they have dedicated a whole section of their website to the Galaxy Note 7 Exchange Programme.

What Happens Now?

In spite of the battery issue only affecting a particular number of phones, many providers are offering Note 7 customers the option of exchanging for a similar model if they find their confidence in the Note damaged, and some are even including full refunds in their returns policies. Note 7 recall policies vary from region to region, with US customers urged to return to the store from which they purchased their phones, all of whom have individual returns policies already in place. UK customers, if they have not already been contacted by their network, should get in touch with them immediately to process an exchange. Check out our Note 7 Recall: Everything You Need to Know article for more details about returns policies around the world.

It certainly wasn’t the big launch Samsung were hoping for, especially given their practically undented success in the phone market in recent years. But the responsiveness and sincerity with which the company has been handling the Note 7 recall is worthy of recognition. Stick around at Samsung Geeks to get the latest on the Note 7 recall as it progresses, and for official re-release news.


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