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5 Reasons Why Samsung is a Leader in Home Audio

If there’s one thing Samsung knows, it’s how to make revolutions happen, one little step at a time. Never one to blend-in or go-with-the flow, the Korean tech giants make industry domination look easy with their attractive, functional and customer-oriented designs. And their fluid efficiency between products is testament to their overall quality. So while riding their wave of home cinema and appliance domination, they’ve also made a seemingly easy job of climbing to the top of the home audio market too. Seemingly unable to spread themselves too thin, here’s why Samsung are top of the home audio game.

Wide Compatibility

Samsung, despite their affluence, are no Apple, expecting customers to dish out way over the odds for accessories, just because they’ve designed their products to be incompatible with any competitor. Many of Samsung’s wireless audio and speaker systems are easily connected to non-Samsung hi-fis and equipment, meaning you can get the quality you wanted, without any unexpected extras.

Style Variety

Technology, in general, is moving in a very sleek and streamlined direction these days, with smaller and smoother gadgets and appliances being favoured by manufacturers. However, Samsung maintain tremendous variety within their audio range, with the subtlest of boom bars, to the chunkiest and most prominent of speakers that will remind you of ‘90s home entertainment.

Multiroom Function

Samsung do seem to have been working, for several years now, towards the ideal of an entirely ‘smart’ house, in which all appliances work with you. From smart kitchens to smart entertainment, Samsung products are networking all around us. Their introduction of the multiroom audio function gives a communal ‘jukebox’ feeling to homes, allowing access to anybody with the App and access to your wi-fi.

Value for Money

Although their prices are far from cheap, customers unanimously praise the value for money they get with Samsung’s products. Incorporating top quality design, parts and testing, Samsung have a remarkable track record for customer satisfaction and product durability. Because the majority of the price you pay for a Samsung audio system goes into the actual production and not lining the boss’s pockets, you really get what you pay for, and can always count on Samsung to deliver quality.

Stellar Sound Quality

Bottom line – Samsung’s audio system sound quality is second to none. Not only do you pay the price for premium quality equipment, but for its outstanding performance. Many reviewers rate Samsung’s sound quality as the best in the market, and customers worldwide hail it for the crisp and ‘three-dimensional’ sound delivered by their models.

Is there any technology market that Samsung are not on top of? If there is, it’s likely they have it in their sights, and that’s probably a good thing. For a big company, Samsung demonstrate an uncanny devotion to fulfilling customer expectations, and this driving force is central to their ultimate success.

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