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What is the Samsung Smart Remote?

Samsung’s ‘smartification’ of the home is one of the worst-kept secrets of the technology industry. Not content with dominating the home cinema, audio and mobile markets, they have made it their mission to tie every gadget and appliance together in one big smart home network. The Samsung Smart Remote is one universal control for all the appliances in your house, saving the hassle of several similar-looking remotes, which can never resist getting lost down the backs of sofas. So what does this magic remote do and is it worth having?

What is the Samsung smart remote

All in One Samsung Smart Remote

The average British household owns 7.4 internet devices according to a study conducted last year. And that doesn’t even take into account appliances like sound systems. It’s a safe bet that the average home has more than one remote control floating around, and the fewer the better, when it comes to keeping everything present and accounted for.

The Samsung Smart Remote combines the functions of all remote-controlled appliances in the home, allowing you to switch effortlessly between gadgets, all with the same control. That means your TV, your cable/ digital box, and your players can all be controlled from the same source.

What’s Cool About It?

The comprehensive nature of the Samsung Smart remote is not its only perk – Samsung have brought the old TV clicker well into the 21st century. First off, the remote connects to the TV via Bluetooth nowadays, as opposed to old-fashioned infrared, meaning that you needn’t get up, lean forward or yell “Down in front!” to get the thing to work.

Secondly, it builds on the motion-detection premise made popular by the Nintendo Wii controller, with waving motions acting as a virtual mouse, navigating a cursor on your TV screen. A sensor ‘OK’ button in the middle of the remote not only acts as the standard selection key, but activates the remote, bringing it out of standby mode.

Remotes of the Future

As is often the case with Samsung, they have brought an old idea, polished it thoroughly and thrown it in the direction of the future. The Samsung Smart remote not only reworks the innards of a standard remote control, but gives its exterior a makeover too. Finally pulling away from the classic black oblong of plastic, the Smart remote is of a more bubbly, streamlined shape (the evolution of car shape over the decades springs to mind), and is a smart thing to look at, as well as being comfortable to hold and navigate. And if you ever thought that using a regular remote control was a little too pedestrian, just not fun or interesting enough… well, now it’s practically a computer game in itself! Enjoy.


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