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Samsung’s Quantum Dot Monitors Step up the Game

Samsung have made quite a show of their presence at this year’s IFA convention in Berlin. Not only did it serve as a platform for the debut of their new Hub refrigerators, but also for a pioneering product range that is sure to have gamers worldwide smashing open their piggy banks. Samsung have introduced the very first gaming monitors to incorporate the latest Quantum Dot (QD) technology, delivering a whole new level of gaming to the market.

No More TV – Samsung’s Quantum Dot Monitors Step up the Game

It’s not unusual for gamers to have been making-do with regular televisions, which were not designed to support the high-functioning graphics of a lot of modern games. Some televisions will offer different modes or settings, but none are quite up to the task of displaying exactly what the game is putting out.

This is where Samsung have stepped in. Having already dominated the television market with their mind-blowing graphics and innovative tweaks, they have rolled all of this expertise into smaller, but no less awesome, curved gaming monitors.

It’s All in the Dots

While QD is a brilliant addition to any television, it is particularly well suited to gaming. The minute nanocrystals that comprise the colour do so at a far more efficient rate than other display technologies, and are well suited to wide and flexible screens. Supporting a 125% sRGB colour spectrum, Quantum Dot screens deliver colour so advanced that usually-invisible game details become visible in both light and dark environments. Meanwhile, the curve of the screen keeps you centrally immersed in the action at all times. On top of that, Samsung’s models are all thoroughly polished in the factory and settings enhanced, with black gamma levels for improved brightness and white balance levels for temperature control, ensuring a robust and high-impact gaming experience that keeps on going.

Although the gaming monitors are not yet available in the same gargantuan proportions as their TV counterparts, there are a few choices. The CFG70 is designed to deliver a ‘Super Arena’ effect, with its 1800R curvature, sound-interactive LED lighting, and 1 m/s moving picture response time. This model is available in a 24- and 27-inch screen size.

The CF791 measures at 34 inches, and its 1500 curvature makes it the most curved gaming monitor available. It is equipped with AMD FreeSync™ technology, which synchronises screen refresh rates with users’ AMD graphics cards, for extra sharp action.

The Future of Quantum Dot Gaming

Samsung’s curved QD gaming monitors are quite possibly the coolest and closest thing yet to offer the domestic market a sit-in arcade-game-style experience. As far as monitors go, the gaming community have taken a good while for their technological needs to be met. Now that Samsung have set this ball rolling, bigger and ever more advanced screens are almost certainly on the horizon.

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