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Why is Galaxy S7 Outselling the iPhone 6s?

It may come as a shock to the system to hear that as of the last quarter, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 phones have massively outsold the iPhone 6s. Apple has been the dominant force for years, and despite the battle of the mobiles eventually narrowing down to the two of them, Samsung has always remained just slightly in the shadows. Especially when it comes to creating a worldwide culture the way Apple has.

So now, during a period of particularly hot competition, comes the inaugural leap from Samsung, as the Galaxy S7 is reported to have claimed 16% of the market, where the iPhone 6s caught only 14.6%. What is this sudden surge in Galaxy S7 popularity and reach being attributed to, and does it signal the beginning of a downfall for Apple?

Why is Galaxy S7 Outselling the iPhone 6s?

When looking at Samsung and Apple’s respective campaigns, both have had a lot to build on this last year. iPhone 6s was very well received, and is something of this year’s go-to mobile model, and the release of the iPhone 7 is fast approaching. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge introduced the now familiar format of the series and gained particular praise. However, the statistics aren’t quite as straight forward as they sound.

The quarter, which ended in May of 2016, saw Galaxy sell more phones than Apple, however at this point in time the iPhone 6s had been on the market for six months longer, giving their sales more than enough opportunity to peak and then dwindle. By the end of the period, Galaxy was still enjoying a honeymoon period of steady interest and sales.

So while this is worth taking into account when looking at the sales figures, the actual quality of phone being produced by the two rival companies is of equal importance. The Galaxy S7 took all that was great about the S6 and polished it to crystal clarity, making it one of the biggest hits of Samsung’s career, and a raging favourite for gamers and movie buffs everywhere. The iPhone 6s is also a very strong contender, and strikes the middle ground between a useful and trendy phone and the latest technological breakthrough. Its aforementioned following speaks for itself. You’re unlikely to be in a room of people and not find at least one iPhone 6s.

As has been established, both Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Apple’s iPhone 6s are great phones, but each appeal to opposing ends of a not-too-varied spectrum. If Apple was beginning to get depressed by these reports, it should serve as extra momentum for their upcoming iPhone 7 release. The opportunity to turn the tables approaches.

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