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Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Ecosystem

Some opine that until this year, when Samsung fully launched its Gear VR products, Apple was the distinct winner in the ecosystem war. Not only did Apple’s wide range of products and accessories span vast and audaciously-designed Apple stores across the globe, but the entire Apple legacy was concrete. A devoted following were guaranteed to buy the next thing to come off of the conveyor belt.

Samsung gave that entire landscape a good shake up when they added the Gear VR range to their already healthy catalogue. Although their tablets, phones and watches were smart and strong opponents for the Apple range, they had not quite come full circle to secure that returning market. But earlier this year, the Gear VR headset accessory was released, to be ideally paired with a Galaxy S7 phone and Gear 360 camera, both very hot models. Suddenly, products had been designed in combination with one another, and if you had one, you had to have them all.

What is Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Ecosystem?

The pillars of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Ecosystem are the Gear 360, a spherical camera device that captures panoramic photograph and video, and the Gear VR, a specially-designed headset which accommodates Galaxy phones and turns the display into a multi-dimensional experience. It goes without saying that these are both pretty mind-blowing products. The Gear 360 is perfectly suited to capturing those fantastic landscapes and marvels of nature, and playing a game or watching a movie through VR is very cool indeed.

But Samsung had another trick up its sleeve when putting this bunch together. The Gear Ecosystem encourages you to really experience the photos and videos shared between families and friends, by enabling footage captured on the Gear 360 to be viewed and enjoyed up-close by anybody with a VR headset. For those times when a ‘Wish you were here’ postcard just won’t cut it, loved ones back home can escape momentarily and live your experiences with you. The Gear Ecosystem has taken the next step in opening up the world, and connecting everybody.

Samsung wants you to “use our family [Samsung products] to seamlessly share with yours.”

This progress in bringing the world a little closer together is really quite something. Suddenly Skype and Face-timing seem old-fashioned. Why just look at something when you can be a part of it, get immersed in it? Samsung really are breaking down all the boundaries and doing what they do best: bringing out products that the customer wants, and anticipating what they need. Usually product taglines such as “When we connect things, they get better. And so do we” lay it on a little strong about the feats they are actually achieving, but the more you know about the Gear Ecosystem, the harder it is to keep from being a part of it.

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