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Note 7 vs iPhone 6S Plus

Despite best efforts from former industry giants like Nokia and LG, the real race in the mobile world is a constant neck-and-neck between Samsung’s Galaxy phones and Apple’s iPhones. Both companies turn out some truly outstanding technology, but how do they compare in terms of user experience? Is it worth upgrading to Samsung’s awaited Note 7, or sticking with your old timer 6S Plus?

Tried and Tested: iPhone 6s Plus

The iPhone 6s Plus is a modern classic – reliable, great quality and perfectly suited for an actively technological lifestyle. It received particular praise for its strong battery life and stonking 5.5” Retina HD display, which go hand-in-hand to make the ideal gamer phone. Its 12 megapixel iSight camera was also well received, with nice sharp colour and plenty of the fun filters and accessories that everybody wants nowadays.

Of course, such a big screen requires a fairly stocky handset, which measures at over 6 inches, pushing the iPhone 6s Plus to the border of Phabletism. So if gaming and movies constitute the majority of your phone usage, and a nice wide screen is right up your street, you’d certainly appreciate the extra 0.2” and wraparound display that the Note 7 has to offer.

As far as Apple phones go, the iPhone 6s Plus is the staple of the era (however brief the era may turn out to be). It is equipped to do all the things that could be expected of it, decked out with thoroughly modern features and accessories, and boasts the sort of lifespan that makes even a 24 month contract worthwhile.

New Kid on the Block: Note 7

As with every new generation of mobile device, the new Note has promised much to rave about– and seeing as this dynasty has gone straight from 5 to 7, there really should be twice as much on offer. While there are several handfuls of nifty little functions, such as Hover-to-Translate, the Note 7 serves as the platform for the debut of several cool innovations.

The headline news is the iris scanner, which is the next level of phone security, and can be used to lock your phone, as well as setting more advanced security arrangements, such as secret web browsing. The scanner has taken five years to perfect, and is expected to mark a new direction in mobile device security.

A new and highly improved S Pen stylus is included as well, and the ‘lightning-quick’ USB type-C port has finally arrived too, complete with an adaptor plug for all your old leads. The even wider screen, at 5.7”, wrapped edges and innovative HDR display, however, distinguish it as the prime choice for gamers and viewers everywhere – especially considering the Gear VR headset available to top off the viewing experience. But it is the outstanding camera quality that marks the Note 7 as the winner. It displays the most stunningly realistic colour palette, and its strength is particularly evident in low light. Never again will 80% of your gallery look a blurry mess.

Note 7 vs iPhone 6S Plus – which is better?

To suggest that the Note 7 is better or stronger than the iPhone 6s Plus would be unfair: as is often the case, both phones have definite strengths which are well suited to slightly different needs. Your average phone user, who wants to keep up to date with social media, and perhaps watch the odd movie on the go, will be perfectly happy sticking with the trusty old iPhone 6s Plus. However, those techies who thrive on the latest and greatest innovations will find themselves with very little option but to upgrade. So make sure your name is on the list… only days to go now!





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