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5 New Features of the Note 7

Every passing day brings us a little closer to the glorious release of the hotly anticipated Note 7 from Samsung, and with pre-orders now officially open at around £699 upwards, the internet is reaching boiling point. As we all know, there is a seriously advanced new handset coming our way, with a whole bunch of new features to salivate over. So in the interest of passing the time between now and the release, let’s have a good look over the top five new features of the Note 7.

5. Colour Choice

At least here in the UK, wide colour choices for phone handsets are very much a thing of the past. Now manufacturers are once again looking to give us a little more variety than black and silver. They unfortunately decided against bringing back the old trend of making everything in pink so that girls could own them! However, the channel appears to be reopening, with the sleek and eye-catching Blue Coral handset being the standout of the Note 7’s colour choice, which also includes Black Onyx and Silver Titanium.

4. New USB Port

Originally expected as a USP for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge range, vastly improved data transfer and charging is enabled by the USB C-type port. Replacing the now fairly standard Mini USB (but including an adaptor plug free of charge, so worry not!) USB C is hailed for its ‘lightning fast’ speed, and the ease and convenience it will bring.

3. Super screen

At this point, we expect nothing less from Samsung than a cinema experience in the palms of our hands, and they do not disappoint us. With a hearty 5.7” screen span, perfectly curved edges and AMOLED status, the Note 7 is ready to virtually transport you anywhere. And to make it even more appealing, the Note 7 has a High Dynamic Range display, for which Amazon is supplying the first HDR streamable content. Get ready for mind-blowing viewing pleasure!

2. The S Pen is Back

One of Samsung’s most basic, yet integral, accessories is back in the running, and not a moment too soon. After being very well received for more accurate navigation of phones and phablets, and having gone back to the shop for a few little tweaks, the S Pen is back and better than ever. With refined sensitivity and a thinner nib for better precision, the days of wrongly-selected options and misspelt texts are gone

And our favourite new feature of the Note 7? The Iris Scanner

Quite possibly the jewel in Samsung’s Galaxy crown, the Iris Scanner is finally here to make your Note 7 a smarter, safer place to be. Having taken around five years of perfection, the complex technology of the Iris Scanner uses a triple-lensed sensor to convert your eyes into a unique digital signature. This way, you can secure your phone with something individual which is far less likely to get hacked. And more than that, it’s not just for phone locking. The Iris Scanner allows you to privatise specific apps, files and web searches, ensuring that your business is kept private.

It’s only a matter of days now before we could all be collecting and unboxing our spanking new Note 7s, and there is so much to look forward to… it may be worth seeing about booking the release day off work and making a real day of it!

If you want to find out more about the Note 7 and how it compares to the Note 5, check out our article Note 7 vs Note 5.

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