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Note 7 vs Note 5 – What’s the Difference?


With Samsung having hosted their massive Unpacked conference a matter of days ago, their latest mobile device, the Galaxy Note 7, is all the rage right now. Boasting several new and seriously cool features, such as iris-scanning security technology, you’d be forgiven for being driven into an eager buying frenzy, just itching to get your name on the pre-order list. But with Samsung’s latest and greatest being expected to cost no less than £650, it’s an investment; particularly when you’re already proud owner of a Note 5, a previous generation which hardly pales by comparison.

What’s the difference between the Note 5 and the Note 7

The Galaxy Note 5 was pretty breath-taking when it first came to market, and even now when compared to its grandchild, it is in very good shape for its age. Shedding the Note 4’s faux leather exterior, Note 5 is beautifully cased in premium metal and glass, with the 5.7” screen we’ve come to expect from Samsung present and accounted for. One real advantage to the 5 over the 7 is its wider range of colours, which include Gold Platinum, Black Sapphire, White Pearl, Silver Titanium and Pink Gold.

Using Samsung Exynos’ 7420 processor, the system is still good and up to speed, and provides 3GB worth of RAM. It charges and data transfers via micro USB, and the classic S Pen stylus is there too. However, one slight drawback of the Note 5 is its underdeveloped S Pen, which at times faces difficulties in accuracy and pressure.

The Note 5 is secured by the fingerprint scanner, which may not be quite so novel as the iris scanner, but still does its job well and keeps the bad guys out. Weighing in and sizing up almost identically to the Note 7, this handset is a brilliant bit of kit, and even with its slightly out-dated features, stacks up well, and makes a fine substitute for the more expensive model.

But is the Note 7 better than the Note 5?

It has to be said – the Note 7 does look amazing. It’s new and exciting, and the two or so years since Samsung put out the Note 5 has given them a good chance to polish up their design.

Galaxy Note 7 vs Note 5
Galaxy Note 7 vs Note 5

A marginally more powerful processor, the Samsung Exynos 8890, is at the core of the Note 7, which is rightfully making a big deal of its status as the first mobile device to support High Dynamic Response content, as well as its 800-nits brighter screen. This means for any serious gamer, or anyone who only watches films on their mobile, the Note 7 may just win out.

Also sporting the glass and metal casing, and the 5.7” screen, the Note 7 is set apart by a few functions. The introduction of the USB Type-C port, which has been anticipated for some time, offers faster charging and data transfer, a plus for busy people. Additionally, the iris scanning security technology is one-of-a-kind for mobile devices, and a pretty major selling point for the Note 7.

Time to Upgrade to the Note 7?

When it comes to the Note 7 vs Note 5 this is a truly difficult comparison to make, as the two models are formidable opponents. The answer really comes down to what kind of a phone user you are. If you like to keep relatively up to date, with a handset that does everything you need, you won’t lose out by sticking with your trusty old Note 5. But if you are joined to your phone by the thumbtips, and want all the very latest and flashiest features, go for the Note 7. You shan’t be disappointed.

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