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Samsung Unpacked: The Best Bits

In the last 24 hours or so, an excited flurry of new information has been feeding back from Samsung Unpacked formally announcing the imminent release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Bringing an end to months’ worth of speculation, the Samsung Unpacked conference in New York, also linked by satellite to Rio de Janeiro and London, has been live broadcasting the latest announcements about the design and release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Galaxy Note 7 at Samsung Unpacked
Galaxy Note 7 at Samsung Unpacked

Needless to say, a whole bevvy of tantalising promises has been made about the ‘world’s most intelligent smartphone’, and the massive sound and vision show put on to support the announcements at the conference have given just a taste of the technical wonders to come. Revealing that the countdown to the Galaxy Note 7 begins now, round-the-world ordering will begin in the next few days, with August 19th being the official launch day. So here are the biggest and best Galaxy Note 7 features that will have you camping outside the Samsung store in anticipation.

Galaxy Note 7 S Pen Magic

Described by Mobile Chief DJ Koh as ‘the magic that unlocked the Note 7’s power’, the new and improved S Pen stylus is one of the major talking points of Samsung’s latest model. With a finer nib, now just 0.7mm width, and more responsive technology to complement its wide and enhanced screen, the S Pen is able to do the unthinkable. Whether it’s giving you more precise selection and navigation, or doubling as a paint brush that can actually mix colours for a painting, the spectrum of possibilities for the stylus has been opened out. Waterproof, along with the handset, in 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes, and no need for separate charging, the S Pen is a welcome and low-maintenance addition.

Iris Scanner confirmed for Note 7

Note 7 Iris Scanner at Samsung Unpacked
Note 7 Iris Scanner at Samsung Unpacked

One of the most highly-anticipated features of the Galaxy Note 7 has been officially confirmed, so everybody can go ahead and get excited. Taking a step up from their former innovation of the fingerprint scanner, and making security one of the pillars of the design, Samsung have spent years developing a quality iris scanner. Now here they are at the finished product: the scanner maps out the contours and patterns of your iris and converts them to a unique digital signature which cannot be replicated. Not only this, but the iris scanner can be applied to apps and web searches – privacy is entirely at your preference!

The Note 7’s High Dynamic Range

The 5.7” Quad HD Super AMOLED screen would be left unfulfilled were it not for an overhaul of the inner workings of the device. With particular emphasis on making a phone that ‘works the way we live’, i.e., fast and demanding, Vulkan API has been added to deliver console-quality gaming and viewing experiences on a mobile device, with GPU 50% more powerful than Galaxy’s previous model. Base memory has been doubled, up to a whopping 64GB (which was received with much applause at the Unpacked conference), which equates to around 7000 songs, or a solid fortnight of continuous music! And if this weren’t enough memory, the Micro SD port enables up to an extra 156 GB of external memory.

Samsung’s Professional Partnerships

Making the most of their ‘Services, Products, Partnerships’ mantra, Samsung paired up with several leading companies to deliver the most enjoyable and comprehensive user experience yet.

A collaboration with Amazon has resulted in the very first High Dynamic Range streamable content, which, teamed with the new viewing stand back design, can be enjoyed from anywhere. Meanwhile, Google Store will be selling Galaxy game packs, top-quality games designed specifically for the Note 7, and for making the most of its new features. Game packs are to include Vain Glory and Need for Speed: No Limit. These partnerships promise exclusive entertainment directly to Note 7 users, and see the possibilities of a Note pushed further than ever.

Exciting Extras on the Galaxy Note 7

Along with the significant changes that have been made to old Note models, there are lots of discreet little treasures to be discovered too, including:

  • Portable Backpack Charger – water and dust-proof, simply clip on and charge, no matter when or where
  • USB Type C – a symmetrical and lightning-fast charging and data-transfer port, the USB-C has been highly anticipated, and comes with adaptors provided, leaving no Samsung user behind
  • Samsung Cloud – back up all your important data securely
  • Hover Translate – on the spot translations by hovering S Pen over words
  • Always On Display – pin notes, photos, whatever you like to your display to ensure it doesn’t get forgotten about
  • GIF Maker – quickly and simply make your own GIFs to send and save

From the basic building blocks to the most intricate of finishing touches, Samsung set themselves the challenge of defying barriers, and catering to the generation of ‘digital natives’, whose approach to everyday living is an ever more technological one.

Eye Candy

Samsung couldn’t make an ugly phone if they tried, and the way that functionality and aesthetic attractiveness go hand-in-hand in the technology industry rather ensures this. As does the company’s commitment to ‘listen to what the customer wants, and anticipate what they need’.

Galaxy Note 7 at Samsung Unpacked
Galaxy Note 7 at Samsung Unpacked

The Note 7 is a stunning piece of design, entwining all of the best features of a handset. Sleek, with curved screen and edges that give a wraparound glass effect, the model is available in four – yes, four! – beautiful metallic shades: Black Onyx, Silver Titanium, Gold Platinum and Blue Coral.

Fitting perfectly into the palm of your hand, despite its vast screen size, it handles comfortably and stores compactly in pockets. The aforementioned addition of the viewing back design, which folds and allows the phone to stand independently, is the simplest but niftiest little addition to the overall figure of the Note 7.

Galaxy Note 7 Release Date: The Final Countdown…

So, as declared by Senior Vice President of Product Strategy and Marketing Justin Denison at Samsung Unpacked, the countdown to the arrival of the Note 7 has started, and it is only a matter of days before you could be unboxing yours. It’s been one heck of a wait, with many speculations thrown about, the majority of which have turned out to be fortunately founded, and now it’s time to make a decision… Gold Platinum, or Blue Coral?

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