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What’s the Difference Between UFS Cards and SD Cards?

The emergence of new memory modules referred to as UFS, or Universal Flash Storage, is getting the technology market all excited. And despite it supposedly being the next big thing, one market leader has been using it in their flagship phone models for several years…. Naturally, that’s Samsung, who have used UFS memory since their Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones debuted, and boasted of their vastly improved memory. Now that it looks as though UFS is being lined up to replace the eMMc memory modules standardly used in smartphones and notebooks, as well as standard external SD cards, its reputation as the most advanced form of external memory is preceding it. But what’s the difference between UFS Cards and SD cards. And what use will SD cards be once the super-efficient UFS arrives on the scene?

What the UFS Card Has to Offer

In order to justify its status as the best external memory device, the UFS has been designed to flaunt some pretty nifty features that beat its competitor, the SD, in many facets. So, exactly what is so great about it?

  • Faster Memory – The speed that the UFS works at is quite remarkable, and really puts the SD card to shame. Where SDs work at a theoretical maximum speed of 156MB/s, UFS is like greased lightning at as much as 530MB/s. Of course, it is important to remember that these speeds will decrease steadily as the memory becomes full.
  • Improved Battery Life – It is unusual to find an advanced piece of technology that does not require the ritual sacrifice of battery power, but another of UFS’s main advantages is its significantly lower power requirements than the SD – around only half of that required by SD cards.
  • Portable App Storage – The concept of removable external memory on UFS means that apps and gaming could be taken to the next level on Smartphones. We all know that our favourite apps are culprits for taking up room on our memory, and at particularly desperate times find ourselves deleting Angry Birds to make room for other things. UFS will make the movement and storage of apps much easier and less taxing, and will communicate them at a much greater speed, and at a lesser expense to your battery life.

Where the SD Can Help

So with all these impressive UFS functions, is there anything left that little old SD can do? Well, bear in mind that despite UFS being slowly incorporated into the internal workings of Samsung’s designs, its introduction as an external memory source is still a thing of the future, and not expected to be made a part of Samsung’s next range of models.

In the meantime, the SD card can continue doing its thing, albeit not as fast or as comprehensively as the UFS promises. Samsung’s recent models, such as the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge lure us in with built-in room for external memory, meaning we can stick an SD card in the slot and download more apps, or take more photos. So, although we are going to have to be patient for our next dose of memory upgrade, we can busy ourselves on our SD-equipped Smartphones until the UFS arrives.

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