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Gear Fit or Gear Fit 2: Which is Better?

Gear Fit or Gear Fit 2 – what’s it to be? We all know that the sequels are almost never better than the original. But many reviewers in 2013 felt that Samsung’s Gear Fit was one step short of brilliance, so has that potential been fulfilled by the Gear Fit 2, and as it stands now, which model is the strongest?

Both devices require a compatible Samsung device and an installed Gear Fit app. Both devices boast an average battery life of 3-4 days. The Gear Fit models are very attractive to look at, and come with a few features you can customise to make your device more ‘you’, such as a choice of wallpapers and clock faces, and removable straps.

Gear Fit

As the wearable technology trend was taking off a couple of years ago, there were several big brands competing with their takes on the smartwatch/sports watch, and Samsung’s imminent contribution was the Gear Fit. In keeping with Samsung’s slick, flashy style, the original Gear Fit is a beautiful-looking thing, lightweight and compact, that doesn’t clunk about or get in the way of your routine.

  • Adjustable and removable hypoallergenic wristband
  • 85 inch AMOLED curved screen
  • Dust and water resistant up to 1m and 30 minutes
  • SMS and notification display
  • Adjustable brightness

The Gear Fit is a great stop for those who just need a little accessory for keeping a basic track of their fitness routines. In spite of its SMS and notification functions, the size of the screen will probably deter people from trying to read anything of length on it, but it’s perfectly suited for clock and stats, as well as for a simple record of your workout.

Gear Fit 2

  • Built-in GPS tracking and heart monitoring
  • Built-in 4GB music storage
  • Available in black, blue and pink
  • 5 inch Super AMOLED curved screen
  • Range of different exercise trackers

The Gear Fit 2 rather seems like the second incarnation that everybody was waiting for. Retaining all of the original’s best features, the Gear Fit 2 throws in the additional benefits of built-in GPS tracking, which works to monitor your distances, and heart monitoring, as well as 4GB worth of internal storage. By hooking your watch up to Bluetooth headphones, you can track your activity and listen to your workout playlist without bulky devices and wires tangling you up. This combination of features gives you a much fuller workout experience, and more detailed stats to work from, so the Gear Fit 2 is definitely the model of choice for the more seasoned athlete.

Gear Fit or Gear Fit 2: Who’s the Winner?

Both the Gear Fit and the Gear Fit 2 are great pieces of kit, and each is suited to a different type of athlete. For keeping a far more basic track of your activity, the Gear Fit is a well-made and easy-to-use piece of equipment that looks good and does its job efficiently. Those who consider fitness far more than just a hobby would benefit from the range of features offered by Gear Fit 2. The different settings purpose-built for specific sports give you a focused report on your activity, and enable you to better plan your workouts.

The Gear Fit range is great quality and a must-have for sports-nut Samsung smartphone users. Think of the models more as Gear Fit Amateur and Gear Fit Pro – figure out where your level of fitness interest falls on the spectrum, and get the corresponding model. Gear Fit are among the dominant sports watches on the market.

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