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What Does the Galaxy Edge Screen Offer?

The Galaxy S6 Edge made much noise about its fabulous new feature – a wraparound screen. But what does the Galaxy Edge screen offer?

Creeping around the sides of the handset, the new screen pushed viewing pleasure up a notch. But after the release of the S6 Edge, Samsung realised they hadn’t really made the most of their new addition, and had a rush of ideas that would make better use of their snazzy new screen. Now the S7 Edge is brimming with new features specially designed for the wrapped edges. So what is up for grabs with Galaxy’s latest Edge screen?

The Galaxy Edge Screen is basically a margin of little icons that runs along a long side of the screen, making them easily accessible at a moment’s notice. With a quick swipe, applications can be opened or put aside, and this ease of use is central to the Edge screen.

Galaxy Edge Notifications

Notifications have been enhanced by the Edge screen. The long edge along which the Edge icons run serves as a notification light. Upon receiving texts, calls and other notifications, the long side illuminates, meaning that nothing important is missed should your phone be face-down on your bed or desk. When received, notifications can be swiped aside into the Edge margin to be saved for later.

People Edge

Drawing on the outdated feature of speed dial, People Edge is a nifty idea that can also work hand-in-hand with the long notification light. Your handful of go-to numbers can be given their own colour-coded icons to make regular calls even simpler. Once you have colour coded your Edge contacts, the notification light will illuminate in the corresponding colour when you receive calls.

Using the Galaxy Edge as a Bedside Clock

A resourceful addition to the Edge screen is the Bedside Clock function. When left on a surface, the wrapped screen displays a digital clock, which can be set with alarms and completely replace the old-fashioned bedside clock. Lit nice and gently, the clock is visible from bed without the need to sit up or reach for your phone.

Information Stream on the Galaxy Edge

Borrowed over from the Galaxy Note Edge, the information stream is present on the Edge screen and feeds notifications from latest news stories, your various social media pages and weather forecast. You can customise the notifications you want to receive, and a compact stash of all your important information is now conveniently placed on your Edge screen.

These are just some of the new features Samsung mixed into their Galaxy S7 Edge to make the most of the Edge screen, and the S7 and S7 Edge are being hailed as two of the best current phone models on the market. The Edge screen is just one more reason to make a Galaxy model your next upgrade.

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