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Why Don’t Samsung Want You to Install Windows 10?

There has been a lot of recent confusion over Samsung and Microsoft’s partnership, and the compatibility of Samsung’s devices with Windows’ latest update. For around the last year or so, many customers had been reporting either difficulties with Windows 10, or it not working at all. This has led to the supposition that Samsung, for whatever reason, do not want customers to use Windows 10 on their device. However, there is a record that needs setting straight, so let’s have a look…

What’s the Problem?

In the last few days, an individual case has been passed around as widespread recommendation, but it’s been misunderstood.

One customer, who was facing the aforementioned Windows problem when trying to install the update on their Notebook, received a personal reply from one of Samsung’s customer services advisors, who said, ‘Honestly speaking, we don’t suggest installation of Windows 10 to any Samsung laptop or PC and we are still coordinating with Microsoft regarding to this matter.’

Word spread quickly, and soon there was a prominent idea that you either could not or should not install Windows 10 on any Samsung device. While some people are still experiencing difficulties with the Windows update, official sources are encouraging customers to go ahead with their updates.

What’s the Solution?

Samsung made a direct response to the rumours flying round, and advised, ‘We apologise for any confusion caused by a recent incident where a customer service representative mistakenly provided incorrect information about Windows 10 upgrades for Samsung notebooks. We would like to remind our customers that they can visit the Samsung website where there is detailed information on the Windows 10 upgrade applicability for each Samsung notebook model run by Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.’

As per this advice, the Samsung website is ready and willing to offer you your FREE upgrade to Windows 10 (although they do note that this is a limited offer, so do run along!), but if you continue to experience problems with your Samsung device and Windows 10, consult with either of those organisations directly for more specific advice.

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