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What’s the Difference Between Samsung Charm and Samsung Gear?

To complement the much-raved-over new Galaxy S7 phone models, Samsung decided to design a range of accessories to improve the versatility of their phones, and give people more reason to buy one. Sport-watches and fitness trackers are enjoying prevalence in unison with the public’s surge of interest in keeping in shape, so naturally, the new Samsung range offers a couple of options for the athletically-inclined. But what’s the difference between Samsung Charm and Samsung Gear?

What’s the Samsung Charm All About?

The Samsung Charm is shrouded in mystery, owing to its unreleased status. But in a nutshell, it is a very simple module designed to be worn as a pendant or with one of their holders. It’s rather dainty and feminine, and its capabilities seem somewhat behind the times, particularly when you consider competitor products that Samsung themselves actually do have available to purchase.

These little pods, which are due for release at some point this year, come in three colours (rose quartz, gold and black) and two shapes (square and rectangular). Its low-maintenance LED panel means that its 17 mAh lithium-ion battery has a lifespan of up to 18 days. However, this considerable battery life doesn’t just have the panel to thank.

For one thing, the Charm cannot really do anything that your phone can. It cannot connect phone calls, messages, or operate third party apps. So what can it do? Well, it can count your steps.

What About the Samsung Gear?

The Samsung Gear is really where it’s at if you’re looking for a flashy piece of tech to show off on your wrist. It’s what you have in mind when you picture a smartphone watch. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and performs almost all the same functions. Endowed with a bezel, touchscreen and Home and Back buttons, it is fully navigable, charges wirelessly and can even wirelessly store and play up to 300 songs when you’ve left your phone at home. And on top of all this, it’s a watch too.

The apps being designed for use on the Samsung Gear are increasing all the time, and the trusty S Health app is compatible, this time counting steps, activity level, heart rate and water/caffeine consumption. The Gear is primarily a gadget and secondarily a watch, but it does it all, and is really a neat piece of kit.

Any Other Options?

As it happens, Samsung are their own competitor. Despite the struggling status of the questionable Charm product, there is a special model of the Gear entitled Gear Fit, and it is almost certainly preferable to the Charm.

With a simple but still customisable design, the Gear Fit unit is usable with interchangeable wristbands. It enables easy control over the phone’s basic functions, like calls and messages, and is even clever enough to pass on notifications.

To break it down, if you’re after a proper Samsung take on the sport-watch, then the Gear Fit is almost certainly it. The Charm just doesn’t do enough to make itself worthwhile – not to mention, it’s not even on the market yet. Samsung’s Gears are good, solid devices, and the range’s special Fit edition ticks all the boxes when it comes to bridging a gap between your phone and your fitness tracker.

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