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Is the New Samsung Wireless Charger Worth It?

Among its wave of accessories just begging to be paired with one of the latest Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge models, Samsung has been overhauling the charging process. Achieving the feat of wireless charging is one being battled over by the major players of the technology market, and some say that Samsung is winning the battle. But is this swanky new accessory worth the investment, or will it leave you tearing your hair out and running back into the arms of your trust wired charger? Is the new Samsung wireless charger worth it?

What’s On Offer with the Samsung Wireless Charger?

Samsung’s Wireless Charger is a nice-looking bit of kit: a contemporary saucer-style design available in black and white, offering a neat charging solution without leaving wires curling about the place. It even looks nice while charging, with an LED display emitting a blue glow that turns to green when fully charged, and it is compatible with a whole host of other devices.

So is the new Samsung wireless charger worth it?

There is a catch or two with this device which should be addressed before heading straight for positive/negative feedback. Firstly, the charger is not entirely wireless – it plugs into the mains, but your phone itself needn’t be plugged in. Without this wire – which is NOT supplied and must be bought separately – the unit will not work and the phone will not charge. Some argue that this saves no space, and that you are essentially adding more clutter to the charging process. Some also point out that it is fairly useless without a flat surface to rest it on. These complaints are not unfounded.

Secondly, some seem under the impression that the charger is a current-emitting pod that your ailing phone only needs to be in the same room as to get recharged. This, alas, is not the case either. Your phone must remain on the unit, as it would a charger wire, for as long as it is charging.

So What is the Point?

When you really look at the Samsung wireless charger, the reasons for actually getting one are scant. The cool part is that you look remotely like you’re starring in some futuristic movie when all you have to do is put your phone down and it begins to charge. Everybody can enjoy that novelty for a brief period.

But they are more expensive than regular chargers, especially by the time you’ve gone back out and begrudgingly bought the mains lead for it. They don’t reach further or make using a phone on charge more convenient. They don’t charge any faster than a wire, and take up more space than one. In reality, the only real reason for buying a wireless charger is for the sake of it.

So there we have it. It may do the job, but for the money you’re paying and the service you’re receiving in return, the Samsung wireless charger seems by and large obsolete. All it’s good for is letting others know that you’re cool, and that you once had £39.99.

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