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Which Samsung TV is Best for Gaming?

For all the gamers out there, the desire for a TV that takes your console to its fullest potential is long-known. It’s all very well having the very best console with all the upgrades and accessories, but if your TV picture and sound quality is wrong, then the whole experience is ruined.

Samsung have been boasting of their state-of-the-art televisions in recent times, always seeming to come up with a new desirable feature that we never knew we wanted until it existed. With all the options available now, which Samsung TV is best for gaming? It can be somewhat difficult to judge which TV will best serve your needs, and deliver the quality you are paying for. Now Samsung televisions certainly don’t come cheap, but they are an investment, with features and quality that rivals are struggling to compete with. So which Samsung model would be best suited to the devout gamer?

Samsung JU6400

The JU6400 is a nice, cost-efficient model (for Samsung, at least), with the 40” model available for around £700, and the whoppers (i.e. the 75”) going for around £3700. Although it offers fantastic viewing angle, smooth motion and very low input lag, there is incessant judder when watching movies. For gaming, it gives excellent picture quality, provided you are not playing darkly-toned games in a dim room. Dark colours look greyish and contrast isn’t great.

Samsung JU7500

Offering the widest range of screen sizes, the JU7500 is available in 40, 48, 50, 55, 65 or 78 inches – yes, for just £5500 you can have a TV the size of Michael Jordan in your very living room! This model also sports Samsung’s famous curved screen, immersing you in a realistic panoramic perspective, where you can enjoy UHD viewing of 1400 PQI with Auto Depth Enhancer. When playing, gaming blur is remarkably minimal, and colours are fantastic, with blacks looking darker, and a nice low input lag of 21.1ms. Enhanced depth and colour make for a really encompassing gaming experience unequalled by competitors.

Samsung JS9000

Available in sizes up to 65”, the JS9000 is super-duper SUHD with a pretty amazing 2000 PQI and uses state-of-the-art Nano Crystal technology to deliver top quality viewing. Further enhanced by a curved screen and Auto Depth Enhancer, the JS9000 is a really great runner-up. However, its performance falters with its limiting viewing angle, which doesn’t help in communal gaming situations.

And the Winner is…

In spite of the JS9000’s Nano Crystal technology and the cost-efficiency of the JU6400, both models’ all-round performance is let down by their angling and/or colouring issues, which when gaming is significant.

The consistent colour and trouble-free angle of the JU7500 seals the deal on top of its other spectacular features, making it the best Samsung TV for gaming in 2016.





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