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Samsung Smart TV Tools to Look Out for in 2016

Last week’s Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco saw the world’s leading TV manufacturer unveil its latest plans for the future of home viewing, including Samsung Smart TV Tools to look out for in 2016.

Continuing on the momentum of their decade-long reign over the home entertainment market, Samsung’s developers introduced the enhancements for Smart TV that are waiting in the pipeline, promising improved connectivity and access to developer content.

“I think we are just getting started, and this is going to be an even more exciting year to be Tizen developers,” Hong-Seok Kim, Vice President and Lab Leader of Samsung Electronics, said at the California conference.

The internet is largely devoid of any updates on the subject, so read it here first, and check out the upcoming features fresh from the Samsung oven…

Opportunities for Developers

Samsung are known to be strict keepers of their apps and services, particularly those they charge for, which is why their primary announcement comes as such a welcome surprise. Payment service Samsung Checkout has previously been accessible only to key partners, but is now being rolled out to all content developers, enabling them to securely and efficiently monetize their developments. This will allow developers to reach a much wider audience, while giving customers access to a whole new range of services and applications.

Further to this, an open source project entitled TOAST was introduced, through which apps will be made compatible with a wider range of devices without the need to redesign, leading to a further extended audience.

Better Connectivity

The other main development to be revealed at the conference was the new Samsung Smart View SDK. With the aim of improving access and connectivity for customers, this new feature provides flawless connection between Smart TVs and mobile devices, while showcasing Previews of newly available services on the first page of the Smart Hub.

Vice President of Visual Display at Samsung Electronics, Sang Kim, said, “We are constantly aiming to advance the Smart TV viewing experience by streamlining how users access their favourite applications and smart content. Our new enhancements will not only improve the viewing experience for the user, but also for developers who are creating new content on a regular basis.”

This year is going to be quite the tenth anniversary of Samsung’s industry domination, with plenty of Samsung Smart TV Tools to look out for in 2016. With widespread accessibility and connectivity at the heart of the company’s latest developments, it is the next step up in home entertainment technology.

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