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The best accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S7

If you’ve recently got your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S7, you’re probably still marvelling at what a bit of kit it is. But as with any flagship phone, no matter how good it is there are some accessories out there that make it even better.

So what are the best accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S7?

Number one on anybody’s accessory list should be the Samsung Gear VR. Samsung have put a huge amount of effort in being the number one virtual reality company, and with the Samsung Gear VR it shows. If you’ve never had the opportunity to play with some VR technology, you’re probably not too concerned with it, but the moment you put the headset on you’ll see why people love it. It’s the most mind-blowing display out there, and there’s already a huge amount of content to go with it.

Use your S7 a lot?

If you’re someone who uses your phone all day, then a battery pack is pretty much a necessity. The new Battery Packs add another 5,100 mAh or 10,200 mAh of power to the already large battery of the S7 and S7 edge, and wirelessly charge the S7/S7 Edge in 130/155 minutes. This means no more running out of battery whilst halfway through your commute, or struggling to find a charger when you’re out and about.

Samsung Gear S2

To get the ultimate Samsung experience, shelling out for a Gear S2 is the only way to go. Your wallet may protest at the high price point, but it’s an awesome bit of kit. Connect it with your S7 and you have yourself a way to view and respond to notifications without ever even taking your phone out of your pocket. The S Health app and monitor are perfect for those into their fitness and the IP67 rated protection means you can take it outside without worrying about dust or rain.

Samsung Charm

If you can’t quite stomach paying for a Gear S2 but want some of the cool features, then check out the Samsung Charm. It’s a wearable with a small and stylish form factor, and like the Gear S2 it alerts you to any notifications or missed calls and messages. It can even track daily activity like steps, distance and calories, and can sync with the S Health app, providing a fair bit of the same functionality of the Gear S2 but at a far lower price point.

Steelseries Free gamepad

Venturing outside Samsung made accessories is the Steelseries Free gamepad. The Samsung S7 has the power needed to be a pretty awesome portable games console, but the sad fact is that for most games, the touchscreen is a pretty poor controller. With the Gear VR as well, you’re going to want something a bit better to play games with, and that’s where the Steelseries Free gamepad comes in. It’s pretty small but plenty useable, and comes at a very low price tag.

So there’s our rundown of the best accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S7 so far. Have you got your hands on any of these yet? Or do you reckon there’s some better accessories for the S7 we’ve missed off our list?

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