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Improve Battery Life on Your S7

If you are one of the lucky owners of Samsung’s latest Galaxy models, the S7 or S7 Edge, then you’re probably already clued up on the massively improved battery capacity it possesses. Former models boasted a 2250 mAh battery capacity, which was certainly not to be sniffed at. But when they go along and put a battery with a massive 3600 mAh capacity in the new models, it’s difficult not to be impressed. Especially when you consider the special new design of the S7 batteries, which are designed not to be drained by background processes and such. They can even give you your morning alarm if you forget to put it on charge before bed. It’s already a remarkable battery that’ll keep up with you wherever you are. But if you’re looking to stretch the battery life as far as it’ll go, there are a few keen tips to improve the battery life on your S7.

Use Power Saving Modes to improve battery life on your S7

It’s a function that many modern phones have, and you may be offered the option of switching it on when the battery’s starting to wear out. Samsung realised that there were two kinds of “I need to save the battery” – the kind that will enable you ten more minutes of Angry Birds in bed, and the kind that will allow you to make a call to the recovery service if your petrol tank doesn’t make it the three miles to the next filling station.

Power Saving Mode does the former, by reducing brightness, background noises, screensaver time, vibrations and CPU performance – you know, all the subtle differences that you can live with. But if you find yourself in dire straits, and can handle your display being in varying shades of grey reminiscent of some moody Bette Davis movie, then the Ultra Power Saving is a saviour.

Close Idle Functions

It’s so easy to take your phone out, wonder why the heck you’ve only got 10% life left, and realise you left about a dozen different windows open in the background. It’s a simple tip, but one that’s easily forgotten, and does make a big difference. Just like you know you should remember to turn the TV off at the plug before bed, get into a routine of shutting down your unused apps.

Black Screen

Everybody knows having a nice photo of your choosing for your background is half the fun of modern phones, but it eats through a remarkable amount of battery power. Downloading a pure black background from the internet is a great way to improve your battery life without having to make sacrifices elsewhere. Just compensate for your phone’s lack of personality with a fancy case!

Use the Facebook Site to improve battery life on your S7

An infamous devourer of battery life for Androids is the Facebook app. But fear not, there is a solution that doesn’t require any fewer selfies or updates: revert to using the site. Yes, it’s a slightly long-winded way of doing things, but you’ll be amazed at how much longer your phone goes without the app, particularly if you’re a frequent user.

There are plenty more outside-the-box ideas out there for improving battery life for Galaxy S7s, and it may well be worth having a play about with them and seeing which arrangement works for you. Or, you could always just keep going as normal, and fall back on a traditional nightly charge-up!

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