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Is Samsung Pay Secure?

While the convenience and flexibility that modern technologies allow us in day-to-day life is most welcome, the change of landscape has made people more concerned about the security of themselves and their sensitive data, and rightly so.

When entrusting your bank details to a third party, or more often than not, the app or website of a third party, you want to be absolutely sure that your data is going straight where it’s intended, and not making any stops along the way. Following hot on the heels of Apple Pay and Google Pay, Samsung have struck back this year with the rollout of their very own payment service. Subsequent to the highly successful home-turf launch in South Korea, the service has been steadily making its way around the globe. Very positive feedback has hailed from the latest lucky nation, the US, and a UK release is expected imminently.

The hot topic is security. Is Samsung Pay secure, and when it gets its launch over here, will it be the top choice for quick and easy payment? In a word, Yes! But let’s mull over the details, and see exactly what makes it so nifty.

Is Samsung Pay Secure? Safe as Houses

Samsung Pay is very secure. Using modern tokenisation technology, the service replaces your card details with a single-use ‘token’, effectively symbolising it; this ensures that there is no actual decipherable data being exchanged, and no remaining information that could be used.

Moreover, your sensitive data is not stored on the phone or app – the tokenisation occurs before any data is exchanged, and is only interpreted once it’s safely in the hands of the party you are making a payment to. This method eliminates any chance of readable information falling through the cracks. So the process itself is entirely safe, but it’s also backed up by a moat of alternative security measures.

The payment app is only accessible with the fingerprint it is programmed to, meaning no one can access your cards and make payments, regardless of who they are and how good they are with technology. With this added assurance, Samsung Pay is actually a safer bet than carrying around your contactless bank cards with you, providing an extra layer of security protecting your lost/stolen phone from exploitation – something a lost/stolen wallet could never provide.

Samsung Pay is lining itself up to be the go-to payment service. Compatible with more stores and businesses than Google or Apple, including those with traditional magnetic strip sensors and those with contactless technology, it is reportedly usable practically everywhere. With world domination in mind, Samsung are ceaselessly working to get the last few retailers on-board, so that an entirely connected and convenient world is realised. Of all the payment service options currently out there, Samsung is the best bet in terms of accessibility, usability and security.

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