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Is Samsung Gear Compatible with iPhone?

Samsung’s second go around at their Samsung Gear watch has been widely well-received for it’s design, durability, compatibility across platforms, and its increasing selection of apps.

The Gear S2 and S2 Classic have propelled Samsung’s Smart Watches to the forefront of the smart watch market, which is good news for Samsung and Android users and soon to be good news for iPhone users as well.

Having already branched out onto a select number of Android platforms, Samsung has confirmed that it will also be making the Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic compatible with the iPhone – only it just isn’t available at the current moment.

While Samsung are yet to announce a date when Samsung Gear and the iPhone will become compatible, it is thought to be within 2016.

However, regardless of its release date, this is good news for iPhone users who will shortly have more variety in Smart Watches than simply the two basic Apple Watches currently available.

The Samsung Gear S2 and the Samsung Gear S2 Classic are going to be compatible with iOS 8.4 and later, and will be available in a variety of colours, such as the rose gold and platinum as well as the standard black.

But then, why would Apple users prefer Samsung Gear that’s compatible with their iPhone as opposed to an Apple Watch designed for their iPhone?

Well, lots of reasons…

Samsung Gear S2 has a more traditional look than Apple Watch

An obvious reason is the design. Unlike the Apple Watch and the Gear S which some have criticised for looking too boxy, the Samsung Gear S2 has gone with a more traditional look by opting for a rounded timepiece.

The S2 Classic is also slightly larger than the Apple Watch and made from stainless steel, giving it  less of a smart watch look and feel but rather something more along the lines of a traditional watch.

Samsung Gear S2 is better value for money than the Apple Watch

Another aesthetic advantage to the Samsung Gear S2 is that you can purchase a variety of watch straps at around £30.00-£44.99, as opposed to Apple’s straps which average at around £240. This price difference makes it much more affordable to own a small collection of straps for your Gear S2 or S2 Classic in order to match your weekly wardrobe.

Of course, both watches will support non-official straps as well, however Apple requires you the purchase an accessory to be able to fit many non-official straps, whereas Samsung has opted to ensure they fit the Gear S2 and S2 Classic without any additional purchases, again reducing costs.

Samsung Gear S2 has a larger display screen than the Apple Watch

Samsung Gear being compatible with iPhone is also good news for people who have trouble seeing the display on their Apple Watch as the screen on the Samsung Gear S2 is around 5% larger than Apple’s 42mm watch and 33% bigger than Apple’s smaller 38mm model.

Apple are yet to announce whether their Apple Watch will be made compatible with Android or Samsung devices and it’s not something likely to happen either.

For those iPhone users out there that do decide to go with the Samsung Gear, if they find they want to make the switch to a Samsung or android device, they haven’t lost any money on their Samsung Gear in the process.

We’re excited to see Samsung continuing to increase its Gear compatibility across platforms and devices, and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear anything more about an official release date.

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