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Samsung’s Connected Car Solution

For nearly as long as there have been cars, we’ve been trying to tech ‘em up. Samsung are bringing their A-game to the world of car technology with their new connected car solution, Samsung Connect Auto.

What do we know so far about Samsung’s connected car solution?

Well, it will have such features as real-time alerts that will help users improve and correct their driving. We also know that it will offer a wi-fi hotspot and a multimedia centre. Best of all, it is compatible with most cars on the road today due to the fact that it just plugs straight into the on-board diagnostics centre. It could even mean that insurers could offer Connect Auto users a cheaper insurance package as a reward for careful driving (similar to a high tech black box that is already common amongst vehicles).

But the potential behind Connected Cars goes beyond the direct benefits to the user. With a linked network of carriers, insurance companies, roadside assistance operators and maintenance networks, the Connected Car becomes even more powerful. Imagine if drivers could not just be diverted away from traffic jams or accidents, but actually given instructions that would prevent these issues happening in the first place. It could be an incredibly powerful bit of technology if paired with things like Smart Motorways. This is actually something that Samsung has talked about at a panel discussion, hosted at Samsung’s “The Car, Connected” event at Mobile World Congress, with representatives from FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Willis Towers Watson, AT&T, SEAT, Cisco and Tantalum Corporation.

Despite the benefits, a number of users are quite resistant to the ideas behind Connected Car technologies. Concerns about data security and privacy are a pressing issue for a lot of people, but Samsung aims to persuade hesitant customers by securing Samsung Connect Auto with eSE (embeded Secure Element) based on Samsung KNOX, which is the most secure mobile platform in the world. The issue behind convincing security minded users that it is safe is not a technological one – the technology is there, it works and it is safe – but a marketing one.

Samsung certainly isn’t going to be the only player in the Connected Car market, and this isn’t going to be a one off product. Experts predict that all cars will be part of the Internet of Things in the near future, and there’s very good reason for car manufacturers and insurers to cooperate with Samsung on this, as a way to make for a driving experience that is, in Samsung’s words, “safe, secure, eco-friendly and, of course, fun.”

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