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Who is Samsung’s Biggest Competitor?

For nearly a year now, Samsung has been ahead of Apple as the largest smartphone maker, and with the Galaxy S* series now occupying the same sort of position that the iPhone did as the trendy high end smartphone, it’s fair to say that Samsung are in a pretty good position. But who is Samsung’s biggest competitor?

Is Apple still Samsung’s biggest competitor?

Apple has traditionally been viewed as Samsung’s rival. As forward thinking producers of high end phones with rabidly loyal fanbases, it’s easy to make comparisons between the two companies. However, bar the odd exception, Apple fans aren’t going to switch to Samsung any time soon, or the reverse. In this bizarre way the two companies aren’t really competing with each other as much as one might immediately assume.

What about other android phone manufacturers competing with Samsung?

Samsung is facing increased competition from Chinese company Huawei, who are known for making high quality phones at a lower price than their competitors. However to consider Huawei their biggest competitor ignores the fact that Samsung is a trailblazer in the market, whereas Huawei just follows Samsung’s lead.

Who is Samsung’s biggest competitor?

I would suggest that the biggest competitor to Samsung is Google. Google isn’t a major smartphone manufacturer, nor is it competing in many of the same consumer electronic markets as Samsung. They are, however, competing in the technology world as a whole to be considered the most forward thinking, innovative company. Google has their self-driving cars, Samsung is making a massive drive to be the first company to truly embrace virtual reality. It is this more abstract competition which is the most important – the company that is broadly considered to be the most next-gen will be the one that succeeds most in their chosen markets, even if these markets are different. They’re competing on image and brand, as opposed to products.

This is evident in the way that Samsung positions its product releases – Samsung Unpacked isn’t just a product release, but an event, a look into the future. That’s the way they want to be viewed, as an innovator. It’s the same reason that Google publicises their efforts into projects such as Google Glass, which is unlikely to turn a profit anytime soon.

In this image competition, Samsung has a long way to catch up. But if Samsung can position themselves as the dominant force in VR, as the primary high-end phone manufacturer, and the biggest innovator in tech, then that’ll cement their place as the most important company in technology.


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