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What is the Samsung alternative to Apple Pay?

The big phone manufacturers have found a new toy to fight over – mobile payment services. Many iPhone users have been enjoying the convenience of Apple Pay, but what is the Samsung alternative to Apple Pay?

Mobile phone devices are being designed with more convenience and security in mind than ever, and people want to be able to live their lives easily and safely. When the idea of being able to make secure card payments with just a mobile device was hit upon, everybody wanted a piece of the action. 

What is the Samsung alternative to Apple Pay?

Apple Pay has been a major hit, allowing iPhone users to pay retailers for products and services without having to take their wallet out with them. Now their main competitor Samsung is in the process of rolling out their new payment service, which is currently only available in Korea and the US. With projections to release Samsung Pay to the UK within the next year, the rival mobile payment service is positioning itself in the fast lane, intent on overtaking Apple.

In the US, it’s already steaming ahead. In spite of Apple’s big numbers, California-based analysts insist that Samsung Pay has had ‘a bigger impact’ thanks to a more hardcore marketing strategy, and the benefits offered by Samsung Pay definitely stack the odds in their favour.

Boasting more compatible retailers than any other competing service, Samsung is really the first port of call for flexibility of use. A service with such convenience at its heart should not leave gaps in the market, in which customers have to pull out their wallets and enter a PIN, or even find plans cancelled having left their wallets at home. After all, if the service can only be used in some places, why bother using it at all? Universal usability is the key, and Samsung is currently in first place for it.

While Apple Pay is proud of its One Touch payment technology, if you can motivate your hands to carry out two extra minute actions, Samsung allows customers to pay in three very simple steps. Just Swipe to bring up the app, Secure the payment authorisation with your fingerprint, and Hover your mobile device over the retailer’s card payment system to pay your bill. Bish bash bosh!

Samsung Pay makes ease and security its priority. All sensitive information is stored elsewhere (not on the mobile device itself) and is not shared with anybody else, and the system utilises multi-layered security to ensure all payments and data are entirely safe. What’s more, the wide availability of Samsung pay means it’s actually safer to take your phone out with you than your wallet. Were your wallet to get lost or stolen, all your cards are at the culprit’s disposal, whereas a lost or stolen phone with Samsung Pay would ensure all your data stayed secure. Fingerprint technology is the way of the future!

And if all this weren’t enough to tempt Samsung users, the app even has a state-of-the-art gift card option, enabling you to make payments from gift card funds directly through your phone, without having to remember to bring the card with you.

The app is compatible with all models of Galaxy S7 and S6, as well as the Note5, and free to download. Samsung Pay and its competitors are paving the way for improved convenience, and may soon be the reason that nobody owns a wallet anymore.

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