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Why does the S7 look the same as the S6?

One of the things that a few people have noted about the S7 is the striking resemblance to the S6. There seems to be no aesthetic update. It’s the same glass/aluminium body, the heart-rate monitor and fingerprint scanner remain the same as before, and the default Android settings are very similar. So why does the S7 look the same as the S6?

First up, what has changed in the Galaxy S7?

Well, the camera sensor has a much smaller bump, meaning it lies flatter as a device. The rear panel now curves in a way that is more like the Note 5, meaning the device fits better in the hand, and the phone is slightly thicker due to the bigger battery, and there is now an SD card slot. The bigger battery, and the SD card slot, the two biggest physical changes between the S6 and the S7 are changes that fans have been crying out for. It seems that Samsung is less concerned with making big aesthetical changes to their products between generations. Where have we seen this sort of strategy done before? With their biggest competitor and rival, Apple….

Samsung’s consistent design philosophy competes with Apple

Since they first released iPhones, Apple has had a very consistent design philosophy. You can instantly tell an iPhone from any other phone at a glance, and this contributes to the status symbol effect of their phones. It is inarguable that for a long while, Apple was the only phone company to have this sort of effect, and the only company to cultivate a cult loyalty to their phones. Now this is easy to chalk up to the ‘Apple’ effect, but there is no doubt that a consistent design philosophy between products and generations has been a major contributor to this.

Why does the S7 look the same as the S6?

Samsung appears to be doing the same thing – making certain design choices that stick across products and generations. Why does the S7 look the same as the S6? Because Samsung have created an instantly recognisable and well-respected brand in the design of their flagship. The few changes they have made, such as the previously mentioned rear panel curve, hark to other products.

Samsung has been touted as the company that challenges Apple’s position at the head of the mobile world, and it seems that taking strategy tips from their rival is working. We already talk about the Samsung ecosystem in a similar way to the Apple one, and there isn’t even a Samsung specific operating system like there is with Apple and Mac OSX. It is likely that we’ll see Samsung stick with this strategy with future generations of devices.

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