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Get 100GB free OneDrive storage for your Samsung Galaxy

One of the problems with the way that phones have become an extension of ourselves is how quickly we manage to fill our devices up with all our photos, videos, music and apps. If you’ve chosen a device without expandable memory, it can be an infuriating struggle to fit everything on your phone. But there is an easy way to get 100GB free OneDrive storage for your Samsung Galaxy.

Where can you get 100GB free OneDrive storage for your Samsung Galaxy?

Microsoft and Samsung have partnered to deliver you 100GB free storage, and it’s as easy as possible. All you have to do is open the OneDrive app that’s pre-installed on your device. Once you’ve done this, register or sign in with your Microsoft account details and agree to the terms and conditions. To check that the storage has been applied to your phone, just swipe left and tap ‘Settings’, which will display your storage quota. If it says you’ve got 115GB, then you’re good to go. Not bad huh?

What is OneDrive storage?

OneDrive is cloud storage, which means it is stored on a server rather than on your phone. That does mean that when syncing stuff with OneDrive you’re going to want to use wifi rather than mobile data. If you don’t have signal or an internet connection, you unfortunately will be unable to access what’s on your OneDrive.

But how often does that happen really? I can’t think of a single time I’ve needed something off of my OneDrive when I haven’t had enough signal to access it. The deal does only last for 2 years, but by then you’ll have likely moved onto a newer model!

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