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Samsung Unpacked event 2016 – What we want to see

by Andrew Wilmot

That time of year is rolling round again. The Samsung Unpacked event is coming up on 21st February and there are a few things we already know we’ll see. The S7, another set of Galaxy Tabs, and a mid-range phone are all expected, and there’s pretty much no reason for Samsung not to unveil the latest iteration of their devices. But what do we want to see that’s not guaranteed? Here’s a few of the major announcements that I suspect Samsung are going to make at Unpacked 2016.

Curved Edge Displays

We’ve seen the curved edge display in the Galaxy S6 Edge, and it made a surprising amount of difference to the day to day usage of a phone. With the success of the Edge, frankly I’d be surprised if Unpacked didn’t show us at least one curved screen tablet. It’s something that seems like such a small change, but it really does make a difference. Being the first company to truly embrace curved edge displays would also be a good one-up over competitors such as Apple and HTC.

‘Professional’ tablets

Continuing with tablets, there’s not really been a strong competitor to the iPad pro – a ‘professional’ tablet with a larger screen, better specs and aimed at those who want to use their tablet more for work rather than play. A Samsung device along similar lines would be awesome – using Android instead of iOS would give them a strong edge due to the comparative ease in developing applications for Android, and it would be a strong addition to the Galaxy experience, meaning users never have to use a non-Galaxy device.

USB-C Chargers

I would be surprised if Samsung doesn’t make some changes to their chargers. USB-C is going to be all the rage soon, enabling even faster charging of their devices, a reversible design (finally, no more having to turn the charger repeatedly trying to plug it in!) and much faster data transfer rates. Whilst this would mean we would lose backwards compatibility with current chargers which would be a bit of a pain (no more just borrowing a mate’s charger when you’ve lost or forgotten yours), the additional capabilities of USB-C would make it more than worthwhile. Besides, USB-C will replace current chargers eventually anyway.

Galaxy Gear

The Galaxy Gear S2 has only recently been released, but I’m going to make a bold prediction here. There’s going to be another smart-watch announcement to go with the S7. Here’s the thing, the Galaxy Gear is inextricably linked with the flagship phones – the better the phones do, the better the watch will do and vice versa. The announcement might not be a new watch, although that is a strong possibility, but could instead be a major software update.

These predictions could be completely and utterly wrong, but Samsung is very much beginning to replicate Apple’s success at turning product announcements into major events, and I think it’s incredibly unlikely that we’re not going to see anything that’s truly innovative at Samsung’s 2016 unpacked event.

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