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An easy way to make your Galaxy A5 faster

by Andrew Wilmot

So, you’ve decided to opt for the mid end A5 instead of the S6 or the S6 Edge. Awesome bits of kits that they are, they can be a bit on the pricey side. But that doesn’t mean that the A5 isn’t great in its own right – this little mid end phone will give you so much mileage. But if you want even more out of it, there’s an easy way to make your Galaxy A5 faster.

Chances are, you’ve heard of ‘rooting’ or ‘jailbreaking’, but you might not know exactly what it is. In short, it gives you ‘root access’, letting you have greater control over various subsystems on your phone. Don’t worry, it’s actually fairly easy on Android. Before we go into how to do it, let’s talk about what it lets you do and how it can make your device faster…

When you get your device, there are a number of apps pre-installed that you might not want. These take up space and resources, so naturally you’d want to remove them. Rooting lets you get rid of these unwanted, preinstalled apps! Sure you have to be careful that you don’t remove something important, but this is a relatively easy way to make your Galaxy A5 faster.

When you root your device, you make it possible to install all sorts of apps you never had access to before. Particularly useful are apps that overclock your device. What this does is make your processor work a bit harder, making your device faster. Now this also drains the battery a bit faster, but you can set rules for usage such as setting your processor to go all hands on deck when playing games but rest at the bare minimum power when the phone isn’t in use.

Most complex, but most rewarding in terms of squeezing the most out of your phone is installing a custom ROM. This means installing a new operating system on your phone, and you can pick one that is a lot faster than what comes pre-installed.

So that all sounds good right? Full control over your phone, removing unwanted apps, installing apps that improve performance and even changing the OS. But how do you do it? We’re going to use a program called ‘Kingo Root’ that makes the whole process super easy.

An easy way to make your Galaxy A5 faster using Kingo Root

1, Download ‘Kingo Android Root’ onto your computer.
2, Connect your A5 to the computer with a USB cable.
3, The PC will download the driver software it needs for a bit.
4, Enable USB debugging on your phone, following the instructions on Kingo.
5, Read all of the notifications that come up. This is important!
6, Click Root. It might take a little while, but don’t worry!
7, Click Finish, wait for your device to reboot.
8, Click ‘Grant’ to give yourself Root. Tada! Shown after this is the option to remove root.

Rooting used to be a slightly more complex process, but Kingo Root really does make it incredibly painless and an easy way to make your Galaxy A5 faster. Happy Android-ing!

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