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Handy Tips for your Galaxy A5

by Andrew Wilmot

The follow up to the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, the Galaxy A5 really is a neat little phone at a very good price. But just because it’s a mid range phone, doesn’t mean you have to settle for mid range performance. Here are some handy tips for your Galaxy A5 to improve the speed, camera, customisation and more of your smartphone.

Handy tips for your Galaxy A5: Take better photos

So, you want to take some better photos with your Galaxy A5. The camera itself is pretty good, at 13mp on the back and 5mp on the front, but out of the box is lacking some of the features of higher end smartphone cameras. However there is a variety of third party camera apps which add some additional functionality to get you the best photos possible. Particularly good is the ‘A Better Camera’ app, which adds HDR, White-Balance, and ISO Option. If you would prefer a simpler, free 3rd party camera then ‘Z Camera’ is awesome also, which even includes tilt shift!

Handy tips for your Galaxy A5: Improve performance

It’s a pretty fast phone anyway (remember a few years ago, when mid-range meant just about useable?), but there’s a few ways to eek out a bit more performance out of the Samsung Galaxy A5. Other than the oft-repeated advice of removing unwanted apps, disabling ones you don’t use every day and updating your Samsung Galaxy A5, one of the best things you can do is to install an optimisation app that hibernates background processes. For that, ‘Greenify’ (which is completely free!) and ‘Android Assistant’ are great.

Handy tips for your Galaxy A5: Customise your phone

There’s a lot of customisation options for the Samsung Galaxy A5, with a wide variety of themes and options out of the box, but with a little bit of technical knowhow you can do even more with your device. Did you know you can customise your launcher? There’s all sorts of launchers in the play store, with ‘Nova Launcher’ generally regarded as the best one. Additionally, there’s a huge number of widgets to beautify your phone such as ‘UCCW’ and ‘Zooper’, which allow you to add all sorts of widgets, from clocks to calendars. If you want to go a step further, you can ‘root’ your phone, giving yourself root access to change anything and everything you want to. However the holy grail of customisation is of course installing a custom rom. This is definitely not something for those who aren’t confident enough with tech to risk breaking their phone, but custom roms such as ‘OmniROM’ and ‘CyanogenMod’ will add an extra dimension to the customisation of your phone.

As awesome as the higher end Galaxy models such as the S6 and the S6 Edge are, the Galaxy A5 is a great phone that you can do a lot with. With these handy tips for your Galaxy A5, you’ll be able to make your phone faster, take better pictures, and perhaps most importantly, truly and utterly make it yours.

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