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5 Ways to take better photos with your Samsung Galaxy S6

by Andrew Wilmot

One of the first things you’ll probably have a play with when you first get your Samsung Galaxy S6 is the camera. After all, it’s one of the most advanced cameras on a phone, capable of taking far better pictures than we could have imagined even just a couple of years ago.

Even though you can effortlessly make some great shots out of the box, there are a few ways to take better photos with your Galaxy S6. Whether you’re an experienced photographer looking for all the fidelity a DSLR camera offers, or just want to improve the photos you take on holiday, here’s 5 ways to take better photos with your Samsung Galaxy S6

1. Turn on Gridlines

If you’re not used to gridlines on cameras, this can throw you off a little bit. One of the most important rules for taking good looking photos is the ‘Rule of Thirds’, which is that an image should be divided into 9 parts, with two horizontal and two vertical lines, placing objects at theintersections of these lines. Using gridlines will help you stick to this rule, and in turn take more interesting photos.

2. Use HDR Auto

HDR Auto mode is one of the newer additions to the Samsung range, offering a bit more dynamic range optimisation without causing the artificial looking shots that can result from full-blown HDR.

When you open the camera app, you should find the HDR switch button on the left hand side

3. Choose the right mode

In total there’s 11 pre-installed camera modes in your Galaxy S6, with 7 of them for the back camera and 4 of them for the front one. Obviously you want to be using the one appropriate for the photo or video that you are taking – if you can’t tell your exposure from your white balance, you want to be using the auto mode instead of Pro. If you’re trying to take a photo where the focus is on one point, then try the selective focus model.

It’s such a simple thing, but when using a camera as sophisticated as that on the S6, it’s important to remember.

4. If you can, use Pro mode

Professional photographers have been turned off of using phone cameras for a while now due to the fact that they normally lack the options that a DSLR gives them. With the Pro mode, introduced in the Samsung Galaxy S6, that is no longer the case. Manual focus is perhaps the biggest game changer, allowing you to go from shooting tiny, close up objects to massive landscapes. Apart from that, ISO, exposure and white balance are all there.

You don’t have to become an expert photographer to start taking advantage of these features. Have a play with them so that you feel comfortable with them, and start using them in your shots. You’ll find that your pictures rapidly become a lot better.

5. Filters!

Okay, the overuse of filters in photos is one of my personal pet peeves, but even I acknowledge that they have a place in improving the photos you take. They let you be a bit more creative, but don’t overdo it and ruin the photo.

Putting aside the fun, gimmicky filters like Cartoon and the painting ones, the two filters that you should consider adding to your photography repertoire are the ‘Defog’ and ‘Soft Focus’ filters. Defog clears up the image, removing any sort of haze and giving a sharper picture, whilst Soft Focus gives you the Hollywood treatment, smoothing out facial imperfections.

The more you use your Samsung Galaxy S6 camera, the more ways you’ll find to improve your photos – the simplest thing you can do to take better photos with your Samsung Galaxy S6 is to practice and get to know your camera!

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