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What are the selfie modes on Samsung Galaxy A5 and A3?

Over the summer, Samsung have been competing within the selfie market by giving their Galaxy A3 and A5 models a 5 megapixel front camera. This takes a crisp picture that ensures everyone’s selfie game remains strong!

The newer models have ‘selfie settings’ which can be used to provide an extra edge to your selfie, giving you the best outcome to upload onto various sites and be crowned selfie king/queen within your social media circle.

So what are the selfie modes on Samsung Galaxy A5 and A3?

In short, the new modes include wide selfie, palm selfie, beauty selfie and animated selfie. With all these different modes – which is the best? Well that simply depends on the situation!

Samsung Galaxy Wide Selfie Mode

Although not a new mode (appeared also on the Galaxy Note 4), the feature allows you to pan around in order to capture your whole group of friends or the scenery behind you. This feature is best if you’re trying to fit more within the shot other than yourself, it works almost like a panoramic shot but in selfie style.

Palm Selfie Mode on the Galaxy A3/A5

This feature works like a timer except instead of fiddling around with timing, you can get into the perfect pose and simply show your palm to the camera. This will then make the camera recognise that you’re ready for the picture and after two seconds, it will take the snap.

Perfect your selfie with the Samsung Galaxy’s Beauty Selfies

The most advanced of the new selfie features – it can literally change your entire look. Are you looking to shed a few pounds, get rid of that pimple or enhance those eyes? Well this is the mode for you – by a click of the button you can improve your overall look (not to say that you need it) and look your best!

Taking an Animated Selfie on your Galaxy A3/A5

Do you want to start making your own gifs? Well with this feature it makes it simple. You can make one by taking up to twenty photos and editing them together in order to make a flowing gif. Perfect for creating short gifs from your favourite memories in order to show off a collection of photos.

Now you’ve got the lowdown on the selfie modes on the Galaxy A5 and A3 there’s no excuse not to get snapping away and showing off your smile. All features provide fun and help create the perfect selfie. You never need to worry about not looking your best or not being able to fit everyone in. Get snapping!

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