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Improve the running speed of your Samsung Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one beautiful bit of kit, but after a while even this smartphone can start to feel a bit sluggish. However, even if you’ve only just opened it there are a couple of tricks to push this piece of cutting edge tech to its limits. If you want to improve the running speed of your Samsung Galaxy S6, whether it’s sluggish or just to get the most out of it, then here are some ways to do it.

Clear your App Cache

This is pretty much the simplest thing you can do to improve the running speed of your Samsung Galaxy S6. Over time the programs you use write date to the App Cache. You can find the app cache under ‘Storage’, then ‘Cached Data’. This is especially important if you use a wide variety of apps.

Remove Unwanted Apps, Disable Unnecessary Ones

When trying to get a bit more speed out of your phone, the first thing you should do is clear out any unwanted apps. If there are apps that you want to keep, but you don’t want to be running in the background, disable them. Even if you’ve never installed anything, your phone can come loaded with a surplus apps you’d never use.

Update your Smartphone Firmware

All sorts of bugs get discovered after release, and a lot of them can be responsible for slowing down your phone. If there is an update for your phone, install it. Updating frequently should reduce the slowdown you experience with your device, improve the security of your device and make sure you have all the latest features.

Disable Various Animations and Extras

When you first got your phone, chances are all the animations were absolutely stunning. After a while though you stop noticing them, and the flashiness of it all isn’t really something you appreciate anymore. These often slow things down quite a bit, so remove any unnecessary widgets on your home screen and have a look through settings to disable the unnecessary animations.

Root, Overclock and custom ROM your phone

Now this is for the techies. Rooting is a way to allow you absolute control over your phone, and is something you need to do if you want to install a custom operating system, overclock your phone or delete preinstalled bloatware. Whilst deleting preinstalled bloatware is pretty easy and risk free, overclocking and installing custom ROMs is a fairly risky way to improve the running speed of your Samsung Galaxy S6, with overclocking reducing the battery life of your phone and installing custom ROMs potentially ‘bricking’ (i.e breaking) your phone.


With any phone you will experience some slow down over time, but with these ways to improve the running speed of your Samsung Galaxy S6 you should be able to get the most out of your device. Have you got any other tips to improve the running speed of your Samsung Galaxy S6? Share them with us and your fellow Samsung Geeks by commenting below.

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