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How is the Samsung Galaxy S6 different to the S6 Edge?

When Samsung released their latest android phone earlier this year they released two versions – the standard ‘plain’ Samsung Galaxy S6 and the premium Galaxy S6 Edge. The S6 and S6 Edge have proven to be amongst the best androids of 2015, but how do you choose between them? How is the Samsung Galaxy S6 different to the S6 Edge?

The basic and core features are the same in both flagships. For instance, both of them feature a 5.1-inch Quad HD display. Both have the same octa-core processor as well as the same cameras – 16-megapixel with optical image stabilization on the back and a 5-megapixel camera on the front.

But what we want to know is what makes the S6 Edge premium? Is it worth the extra pounds?

Well first off, the Galaxy S6 Edge has that sexy curved screen

The most immediately obvious difference between the two phones is the way they look. The S6 Edge is slightly lighter than the S6 (to be precise 6 grams lighter) and slightly thicker. Both phones have the Corning Gorilla Glass front and back finished with metal rims, but what really sets the S6 Edge apart is its curved screen.

It does look pretty darn good, but aside from looking attractive it doesn’t actually add anything to the functionality of the phone. In fact…

The S6 Edge’s curved screen can make it less comfortable to hold

A lot of people find that the metal edges of the Galaxy S6 fit much more comfortably in the hand. The curve of the S6 Edge goes in the wrong direction for it to be ergonomically satisfying which is especially noticeable in daily use. When you’re using the phone one-handed it can be a bit of stretch to reach your thumb across the screen to the other side that curves downwards away from you. If you (like me) don’t have especially long thumbs, it can be difficult to use the phone efficiently with one hand.

But! The S6 Edge does have more battery life than the S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge both have non-removable batteries. The difference comes in the size of the batteries. The S6 Edge is just 2% bigger than the S6, which might not seem like a huge difference, but that extra juice can come in handy at the end of the day. Saying that, both batteries should last 12 hours of continuous Wi-Fi web browsing (according to Samsung), and both batteries can be charged faster than any of their current rivals.

What else does the Galaxy S6 Edge offer?

Besides its sexy look and fancy design, the Galaxy S6 Edge does provide some pretty cool functions that are not on the S6. For example, the time is displayed even when the phone is in sleep mode, which is handy for those of us who have replaced their watch with their phone. Additionally, you can access notifications and messages from the edge using the ‘People Edge’ mode. This is a new mode exclusive to the Galaxy S6 Edge that allows you to set five of your contacts to appear as one of five coloured lines on the home screen. It makes it pretty easy to bring up call/message history. We also love the way the phone glows a specific colour according to who’s calling. So, when the phone’s lying face down, you can see by the colour of the edge whether you want to answer the call, or just pretend you haven’t noticed your phone’s ringing…

So, how is the Samsung Galaxy S6 different to the S6 Edge?

Because both of the phones operate under the same hood with pretty much the same hardware, there is no significant difference in the phone’s functionality and operating speeds. But if you want to have an eye-catching phone with some fancy extras, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge’s your man.

You can’t deny, it’s a pretty good-looking phone – but is that heftier price tag worth it for what is essentially just a prettier phone? Let us know what you think by commenting below.

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