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What is the Samsung alternative to Touch ID?

While Apple users rely on Touch ID, Samsung users may be wondering what is the Samsung alternative to Touch ID.

Well, the Samsung alternative to the Apple Touch ID can be found in the newer Samsung phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy 5 and 6. Meet TouchWiz, the proprietary technology developed by Samsung that is not available for licensing to third parties. Oh, and did we mention it was also part of the Apple v. Samsung case? TouchWiz is often confused as an operating system within Samsung phones, but it is much more than that.

Feature Rich TouchWiz

TouchWiz is Samsung’s exclusive skin for Android. Most users appreciate the colorful design and the useful new features it offers. Within TouchWiz lies the fingerprint scanner that allows you to login to websites or use Samsung Pay. The latest Samsung models (Galaxy 6 and S6) have an enhanced fingerprint reader when compared to the other devices, which makes it much easier to lock your phone and securely store personal information on your device. Gone is the slow scanner that takes forever to load or times out after so many failed attempts. Samsung users can now scan their fingerprint as many times as they need until they are in.

All that you have to do is place your finger on the home button and within seconds your device is unlocked and ready to be used. When you first launch your Samsung device you are prompted to register your fingerprint for your device, this allows you, and only you to control your phone. You can also enter a backup password just in case your fingerprint is not readable or scanning correctly.

After you register your fingerprint you can now begin to add websites to your list to login with a fingerprint. Talk about ease of access! Even though this process is not widely known, it is fairly simple to do. All you have to do is select the Fingerprint enable web sign in feature, which is found under the Lock Screen and Security menu under settings. Then using the Samsung browser (not Chrome or Firefox), head to any website and login like you would normally. After doing so, a pop-up will be initiated with a checkbox that will allow you the option to select fingerprint login for that website. Then you can test this by logging out of the website you just added and try to log back in, you will be prompted to scan your fingerprint.

TouchWiz: Then and Now

The Samsung Alternative to Touch ID has been a work in progress for Samsung. After the newest updates on TouchWiz on the Galaxy 6 and S6, there are now many reasons to not hate the TouchWiz UI anymore. It may still have that blue-hue that Samsung has been sporting since the beginning, but with just the right wallpaper and a colored keyboard, the interface really is not all that bad. The TouchWiz application drawer has improved greatly in the past year. The settings screen has been improved upon as well and is really looking sophisticated now. With all of the improvements Samsung can now proudly say TouchWiz is the alternative to Touch ID!

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