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What is the Samsung alternative to Apple News?

Apple News is a news aggregate designed by Apple that curates news based on your interests. As a Samsung user, you may be wondering what is the Samsung alternative to Apple News? In fact, there are quite a few alternatives to Apple News for Samsung Users. Here are two Samsung alternatives to Apple News to sink your teeth into.

Samsung Alternative to Apple News #1: Flipboard

The universal news app, Flipboard, allows you to select the news sources that you want hear from; it gives you the freedom to choose what interests you. Flipboard makes it possible for each individual to customize their newsfeed so that they can to have easy access to news stories that they are interested in reading about. It is also integrated with some of the major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This allows you to pull in the content your friends share. Flipboard takes all of this information and presents the stories in a newspaper format that is easily navigated and used.

Flipboard also allows you to get a quick look at the general news for the day, enabling you to stay updated on current events and trends. If you find an article or news source you like while using this unique feature, you can add it to your news source list with ease. Having recently acquired Zite, a similar news app, Flipboard is now the biggest competitor to the Apple News app.

Samsung Alternative to Apple News #2: Yahoo News Digest

Yahoo News Digest is a great Samsung alternative to Apple News for those who love to keep up with day to day news, but do not have time to find the stories they are interested in. What Yahoo News Digest does is that it curates news two times a day from reputable news sources from around the world and presents them in a condensed summarized format that is easy to read as well as follow. You are able to keep up with the news in the morning and evening with this app. You typically never see more than 10 articles at a time. Although the app updates on a default time, you can easily adjust the times it updates to fit your personalized schedule allowing more flexibility in your news feed.

It is important to Samsung users and Apple users to stay updated with news that matters to them as well as current events. Choosing between these two apps as a Samsung alternative to Apple News every Samsung user can stay informed.

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