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Is the Samsung S4 mini 4G Compatible?

It’s a stylish and compact little fella, but more importantly, is the Samsung S4 mini 4G compatible? Well, yes, it is. At the same time as supporting 2G and 3G coverage the Samsung S4 mini is 4G compatible. Of course, its coverage depends on the market, so if you are not in a 4G covered zone, you will not receive 4G coverage.

How do I use 4G on my Samsung S4 mini?

If you want to change your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini settings from 3G to 4G follow these 5 steps:

  1. Tap the Menu button and choose Settings
  2. Tap the Connections and then choose More Networks
  3. Tap the Mobile Networks option
  4. Tap Network Mode
  5. Lastly, choose 2G/3G auto or choose auto 2G/3G/4G

Mini but Mighty, the Samsung S4 mini has 4G LTE Capabilities

The Samsung S4 Mini has a stylish and compact design that focuses on big performance. Just like the Galaxy S4, the S4 Mini can go everywhere you go. It not only has the same unique smart services of the Galaxy S4, but it can effortlessly fit in the palm of your hand and slip right in your pocket. The S4 Mini contains a super AMOLED display that results in beautiful, vibrant colors and clarity. The Samsung S4 Mini utilizes a minimalistic design for maximum usability and proper functionality. It also has gentle curves and a comfortable grip that make it easy to use while on the go.

The S4 Mini is equipped with an 8 MP camera and lets you capture each and every moment in beautiful detail. The Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system is powerful and user friendly. It is even capable of anticipating and adapting to how you use your device.

With the S4 Mini you can sync your devices and make your phone the center of entertainment as well as a digital remote. You can slide a movie from your device’s screen to your television just by swiping. If that was not enough, with the S4 Mini you can even monitor your blood sugar and blood pressure.

You can now use your Samsung S4 Mini to travel around the world without a translator. Simply type into your phone or speak into it in one language and you can have it quickly translate it into another for text or talk back. This can be of real assistance when you are in a foreign country and trying to figure out how to catch a cab.

Is the Samsung S4 mini 4G compatible? Yes, and much more.

This phone is loved for the ease of use while only having one hand available. The size of phones really matter and this one is a winner. It is far from big and bulky. You can even operate this miniature device while wearing gloves. One of the downfalls is that it is not HD but it still views as a clear, crisp picture. While there are some features that have been toned down or left out completely Samsung should be applauded for offering 4G LTE capabilities into at least one model. There are also 3G and 3G dual-SIM versions available.

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