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Is Apple more popular than Samsung?

There has been a heated debate surrounding Apple and Samsung for quite some time. Both accuse the other of using patented technology without permission. Whether you are an Apple fan or a Samsung Geek, you will find solace in our analysis of the popularity struggle between Apple and Samsung. Both companies are great at what they do and are well-known throughout the world as trusted, quality brands.

The Results are in: Is Apple more popular than Samsung?

Well the short answer is yes and no. At this time, yes, Apple is a more popular brand than Samsung in the higher tier mobile market. However, Samsung is much more popular than Apple in the lower to mid-tier mobile phone market. So it comes down to what market segment you are discussing when you are talking about whether Apple is more popular than Samsung. While Apple remains a favourite among those looking for a high-end mobile device, Samsung is still the go-to device for a cost effective mobile phone that functions as intended.

While both brands are household names, Apple continues to dominate the higher tiered price points, and Apple products typically command a higher average selling price when compared to Samsung products. Samsung price their products at a  lower ASP to sell larger amounts. In doing so  Samsung exclude themselves from the higher tiered market segment, but hold dominance within the lower to mid tiers.

However, Samsung is facing more competition than ever from all angles. While no company has made and sold more phones than Samsung, they are being pushed to a more mid-tier mobile provider. The reason for this is behind the competition within the mobile market. Apple is dominating the higher tier market segment and pressure from the Chinese mobile market is leading to Samsung not selling as many low-tiered mobile devices.

Is Apple more popular than Samsung? It’s a close call

As of July 2012, Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. together produced more than half of the smartphones sold throughout the world. Apple and Samsung stand side by side in terms of popularity. Despite the fact that Apple holds a smaller share of smartphones sold in the mobile market, they are the company turning all of the profits. This is possible because of the product price. A new iPhone unit sells for a minimum of $635. Android phones by Samsung can be purchased for about $235. The Chinese branded smartphones can be owned for just $50. While Samsung phones may cost less they sell more units.

The results of an ongoing poll on debate.org asking “Is Apple better than Samsung?” revealed that opinion is pretty much evenly divided. 51% of people voted Apple as the better product whilst Samsung received 49% of the vote. So, with just 2% more of the ‘yes’ votes, Apple won. However, that does not mean everyone owns an Apple branded device. Some people may think Apple is more popular but prefer Samsung. What do you think? Is Apple more popular than Samsung?

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