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How to Reset a Samsung Galaxy S4

Whether you are facing some software issues or are just looking to start from scratch, resetting a handheld device is a great way to debug issues and get a fresh start on the device. A factory reset is also referred to as a hard reset. It is a good idea to perform a hard reset on your phone if you plan to sell your phone. This will ensure that all of your data is completely erased and the settings are set back to the original factory settings it had when you first bought the phone. Remember that when a reset is performed on a device, all of the data will be permanently deleted, unless backed up somewhere else of course. If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone and need to know how to reset it, here are some instructions on how to reset a Samsung Galaxy S4.
Resetting a device to factory settings or performing a memory wipe used to be as easy as going to your settings and selecting reset to factory. On newer devices that is not the case. Most devices require you to press and hold certain keys in order to get your device to let you perform a factory reset – which could be really upsetting with all of the data we store on our phones now. These requirements were implemented in order to help prevent accidental resets and system wipes. Phone numbers used to be the only real data stored on phones, before the age of smartphones. The more complicated actions required to perform a reset also protect the data on the device from the times when a child gets a hold of your device and finds a way to use it in a way that you never even knew existed.
While resetting a device can be difficult, as long as you have clear instructions it can be pretty easy. Follow these instructions to quickly learn how to easily reset a Samsung Galaxy S4 in less than five minutes.

Step 1:

Back up your data. Do not skip this step.

Step 2:

You will want to turn off your device first. Once it is powered you will then simultaneously press & hold the Volume Up, Power, and Home Key. Once you see the Galaxy logo immediately release the power key, but still hold on to the home key and volume up key.

Step 3:

Once the Android Recovery screen displays, release the keys you were holding. Then you can use the volume keys for navigating. Obviously volume up is up and volume down is down. Use the power on key to select the option you want. Select the option known as wipe cache partition, then confirm it by selecting yes delete all data and reboot the system.
That’s it, you have successfully reset your Samsung Galaxy S4. Now power back on your device. If the Galaxy S4 happens to be completely locked up and you are not able to even access the menus, there is an alternative way that you can reset it.

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