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What is the most powerful Samsung Phone?

Does anyone know which phone currently is the most powerful Samsung phone available on the market? While the mobile landscape is constantly evolving, we can tell you today that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is currently the most powerful phone on the marketplace. Even though the Note 5 lacks a removable battery as well as expandable storage, it makes it up in pure processing power and functionality. The Note 5 is easier to hold than previous models and has an attractive new design.

While the speaker on this phone can leave more to be desired, this powerful Samsung phone runs on an Exynos oct-core processor and has 4GB of RAM. Depending on your selection, it will have either 64GB or 32GB of storage. It is equipped with an amazing display, 5.7” Quad HD Super AMOLED with 518 PPI. The camera is 16 MP and is able to capture special moments with lifelike clarity.

Most Powerful Samsung Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 5

One of the best features of the Note 5 is the S pen. You simply click to release it and it activates the improved Air command which then leaves the phone waiting for you to take action. Since the S pen utilizes true to life pressure, it can be used to write and draw with ease. The S pen makes it easy to navigate through long pages that require scrolling.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, it is now easier to capture images and shapes that can then be saved and stored. The saved images can also be edited and have notes added to them for further customization. The S pen makes it easy to take notes on the fly, simply pull it out and start writing even when the screen is off.

This Samsung phone is ideal for those who still desire the option to write or draw with a stylus as much as they would like. The Note 5 works smoothly and has multiple pen size options while using just one single stylus. Using the stylus is perfectly paired with the jumbo-sized screen. This phone is satisfying to the users who have purchased and used it. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has been rated excellent with an overall rating of 8.9 out of 10!

Since the Note 5 has 4GB of RAM it is able to easily stream multimedia, such as videos on Youtube. You can even have two apps split on the screen, without interruption, allowing you to chat and watch videos simultaneously; this is dream come true for some Samsung Geeks. If you want to know what the most powerful Samsung phone is right now, you can verify that it is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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