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When will Samsung Pay Come to the UK?

Samsung Pay just recently launched in South Korea one month ago. They have experienced great success with the launch in South Korea. September 28th was the official launch in the United States. So, when will Samsung Pay come to the UK?

Samsung Pay: Next Up is the UK!

While there are no immediate release dates available as to when the Samsung Pay service will launch in the UK, Samsung has said that it will be launching within the UK after it launches in the United States. This is great news and it puts the United Kingdom ahead of the rest of Europe to receive this service.

If you were to stick to their current launching timeline, you could expect Samsung Pay in the UK anywhere from October 28th to November 5th; however speculators have said that we may not see Samsung Pay in the UK until the 2nd quarter of next year. This could be due to bureaucracy when launching a service like this, rules and regulations vary by country.

Regardless, we will be excited to experience Samsung Pay when it launches in the United Kingdom. We will be sure to update this story with exact launch dates as they become available.

What is Samsung Pay and where is it Currently Available?

Samsung Pay is a revolutionary mobile payment platform that has seen great success in a recent launch in South Korea, with over $30 million in accumulated transaction volume in just the first month. Samsung Pay is already becoming widely accepted in South Korea with over 1.5 million transactions completed as of their latest reporting. Samsung Pay is optimistic about the launch within the United States and anticipates to be widely accepted among merchants and consumers throughout the world as they expand.

Samsung Pay is a mobile payment system that enables customers to buy goods or services simply by tapping their phone against a card reader within a restaurant or shop. Instead of trying to find the right credit or debit card to use Samsung Pay streamlines your wallet into your device allowing you to easily conduct transactions without having to fish for your credentials. Payments are authorized once the owner of the device enters a PIN number or presses against the phone’s fingerprint reading device. Samsung Pay is currently available in South Korea and has recently launched in the United States, with plans on expanding to the United Kingdom next, then to Spain and China.

Just like Apple Pay, debit card and credit card issuers who have partnered with Samsung can have their cards uploaded to Samsung Pay. As to when Samsung will launch in the UK, we are unsure of the exact date, but we can expect to see it in the UK next!

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