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What is the Samsung Beaming Service

Many people are searching to find out what the Samsung beaming service is and why it is preinstalled on their devices. Samsung’s beaming service is preinstalled on every Galaxy S6, S5, S4, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 3. The beaming service is designed to provide access to applications such as Beep’nGo and other tools using a barcode beaming service that allows your device to transmit barcodes that are found on coupons or loyalty cards. This service can also be used for library cards, event tickets, and various other membership cards, as long as it is an image scanner or 1D red laser scanner. This is all provided for free via the Beaming Service by Samsung.

Beep’nGo is a very popular part of the beaming service, but it is also controversial, as is the beaming service itself. Since the Beaming service is already preinstalled, those of us who like to be able to fully customize our phone see this as bloatware and may be upset that it cannot be removed. This service enables the specific device to communicate with all of the red laser or image-based barcode scanner that can be found in every retail stores all around the world.

Beep’nGo is used by over 10 million users; it allows you to find the best deals, latest coupons, and offers from retail stores and outlets, as well as grocery stores. You can also search for deals by category. These deals are able to be saved to refer to later. Beep’nGo utilizes proprietary technology that also allows you to upload digital coupons, loyalty cards, library cards, or membership cards all to your device. You can also directly upload gift cards. This information can then be shared directly on your phone’s screen. It can be scanned just as a regular card is at your favorite store. It is as simple as facing your phone towards the scanner and making sure the barcode is visible.

Many people complain about Beep’nGo working and that is actually the problem. Users complain of the excessive tracking and data mining to the Beep’nGo app as well as other odd permissions like requesting to run Bluetooth on phones. Customers are concerned about excessive permission requests and data mining. Users have also complained about Beep’nGo interrupting the beaming service.

Samsung Beaming Service Ratings

The beaming service claims that unless it is requested by an authorized application, it will lay dormant on your phone and not hinder or interrupt normal operations on your device. However, this may not be completely true; many people complain about the Samsung beaming service and feel that it is unnecessary bloatware that hinders the android platform. In fact, the device has more 1 star reviews than it does 4 and 5 star combined. Many of the reviewers complain of not being able to disable or remove the application. This humble geek remains unconvinced!

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