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What browser does Samsung use?

There are a few major browsers that people use, but what browser does Samsung use? Samsung has a built-in browser that is referred to as the “Internet”. The browser that is on your Samsung device vary depending upon which carrier the phone is originally from. The Samsung browser is not the popular internet explorer, Firefox, or Google Chome it is a basic browser with its own unique set of features that is utilized by many Samsung devices. Although, most Verizon users of Samsung phones have a Chrome browser to use when the phone comes straight out of the box. Many phones come preloaded with the Chrome browser because of its wide scale use and acceptance as a default web browser.

The Basic Samsung Browser

However, the Samsung browser is basic and is unique in terms of the features it offers. So, if your device happens to have the Samsung “Internet” browser built-in, know that it is actually useable. The Samsung browser is exceptionally lightweight and although it does not have a recently visited tab like the Chrome browser, the functionality is still comparable. This browser provided by Samsung is able to integrate with the fingerprint scanner that is on certain modern devices that can be used on approved websites to execute authentication processes and easily sign into websites.

While the browser does not set out to do anything too revolutionary in the terms of web browsing, it does provide a basic utility bar at the bottom of your screen and the “more” button. The “more” button is where you can access some of the advanced features of the web browser such as adding to bookmarks, social sharing, or adding shortcuts. If you keep digging further you will not find too many more advanced features, just a pop-up blocker and a few other tools are available within the Samsung internet browser.

The fingerprint scanner feature is often used to access sites like Facebook. When you login with the scanner you are not required to fill in the information anymore. Unfortunately, this feature only works on approved sites with Samsung, but it is still a very unique feature that is worth it to some users to utilize and it is something that other internet browsers do not offer yet.

As to which browser Samsung uses, they use their own basic internet browser that is quick and efficient. It does not come with too many unnecessary features that you will never use. The major difference is that it utilizes the unique fingerprint feature to enhance your web browsing experience. Samsung’s browser also helps them align all of their users onto a single browsing platform. If Samsung ever were to release their own operating system, users will not notice a major difference visually or in terms of usability.

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