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Learn how to Unlock the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Free

Many people wonder why anyone would need to unlock a phone unless they were doing something nefarious. That is not always the case; maybe you really enjoy your device, but not the coverage provider. Terrible plans, call rates, and coverage are all factors that can lead someone to want to unlock their phone to switch carriers. To switch phone carriers your device must be unlocked, there are many people and services that offer to do this for a price, but why would you want to pay when you can easily do it on your own. Here we are going to teach you how to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Free.

You should know that before you start anything you will want to properly back up your files. We cannot be held liable or responsible for a failure to follow instructions or a lapse in judgement. Please make sure you follow the instructions exactly as they are stated to avoid some unexpected happening.

Instructions: How to Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Free

First, you want to make sure you are using Android version (4.1.2+) to be able to unlock your device utilizing this method. Now take the time to check your phone’s version. This is usually found under the settings and under “about device”. If your device is not on Android version (4.1.2+), you now want to make sure your device is using the latest version. This is typically found in the menu that comes next under “about device” or “system upgrades”.

The next step is to dial this specific code. Open up your device’s dialer and dial *#197328640#, this will allow access to the service feature. Once you have access, select UMTS. If you accidently hit the wrong choice, just select hit menu option and restart.

Once you are in the UMTS menu, select the Debug Screen. Once you are within the Debug Area choose “Phone Control”. After choosing Phone Control option then navigate to and select Network Lock. After loading your device’s Network-Lock area select PERSO sha256 and make sure it says OFF and then wait 30 seconds or so after which you will hit the menu option and choose back.

Once you are back on the main screen within your Network Lock area, choose NW Lock NV Data make sure it also says INITIALLIZ. After this choice wait for a minute or so then restart your device. Then be sure to place the locked SIM card within your device and turn it on. If your device did not ask for a specific unlock code then your device is now unlocked to be used!

Please keep in mind that your firmware may need to be downgraded for this specific method to be successful. If this method does not end up working for you to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, then you may need to pay a 3rd party to unlock your device. We recommend having a look at DoctorSIM – our approved SIM unlocking partner (click here). We’ve negotiated a 10% discount. You don’t need a DoctorSIM Discount Code. Just click here to visit the site.

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